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    I love finding unproduced items and was extremely lucky to find a pimp daddy destroy mint on board which was released in small amounts in toys r us, and a killer whale mint on board, the killer whale is so much more better looking then the released version, guess Hasbro doesn't always have the best of taste. got them both from a man who got them from a Hasbro employee at a show at rhode island
    Would you share pictures of both?

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    ......I'm a new member of this amazing forum and i live in Italy. My G.I.Joe fever started in 1987 when in my Country arrived the first wave, consists of all 1985 Arah figures, Cobra soldier, Destro and Storm Shadow plus some very important vehicles from other years (Skystriker and Dragonfly were the most beautiful, rattler arrived in 88'....). Here my question. Is possible to see in this forum some pics of preproduction items? I know there is a collectible section with a lot of images but someone has these treasures to show? Tomax and Xamot with strange heads and handpainted cobra symbol still they exist or have gone missing? Thanks all friends!

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