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    I don't think you have to worry about your Big Lots not getting Chap Mei. That is the bulk of their boy toys for Christmas. I know my local store has it scattered all over the store and not just in one aisle. As the stores set for Christmas more you should see it show up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain-DC
    Hi: everyone.
    For those who have a Big Lots in your area? We have one Big Lots here. But they have not got any new Chap Mei toy here since last year?

    So those of yoy that have Big Lots? How many of your Big Lots has put out these New Chap Mei toys this year? And what area are you in? Thanks!

    I hoping that the Big Lots here gets these but it's seems like they won't be getting stuff this year?

    So please let me know?
    Thanks again.

    Yo Joe!
    I haven't checked mine in quit some time. Until I saw the original post. All of the Big Lots (total of 3) had Chap Mei stuff. Tho not all in the "toy department". Many of them were on high risers. As far as the area I'm in western Kentucky.

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    Are these Chap Mei toys difficult to find in the USA? Here in Europe they are very popular and easily to find. The succes of this toy line is one of the reasons why the gijoe-line is cancelled now in Belgium.

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    Ok I'm totally confused. I went to biglots yesterday on my way home. They didn't seem to have any new stuff (anything from your pictures). However what they did have was the exact same stuff that is packaged at walmart under their generic toy line. The main item being a robot with a cockpit uptop that holds a 3+3/4" character with sound effect buttons on the front (biglots also had one with some kind of remote thing included).

    The only other items they had were some Construction Men single packs, a 5(or more) pack of different types of people (rescue, military), a single seated helicopter (with sound effects)... and a military base set also with sound effects.

    Is any of this stuff chap mei?

    How do you identify what is and isn't chap mei?

    Are there certain names which they are sold?

    Is there a good site that'll atleast picture more of this stuff to compare to?

    So far the stuff I found at Kmart was the highest quality of this type of stuff... and again much of it matched up with the pictures. The APC even matched up perfectly with picture in this thread.

    Anyway, I'm still going to go back to Kmart and pick up one of those helicopters. I'm not sure which one I'll get... both were exceptional in quality.
    :D Yo Joe! :D

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    Now I now what Chap Mei stuff looks like, I've been wondering that for a while.

    I've seen this stuff in a local 'cheap' store along with GI Joes that from what I can gather only TRUs should be able to import.

    BTW, I'm in England, well not in it, more on it.

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    Not on the subject of Chap Mei but on other wanna be Joes (Corps). I just visited my local K-mart and they had new Corps stuff. 2 different look out towers and some mini planes. Pretty cool stuff.

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    Chap Mei how to tell?

    That is a Good Question? But thier is no real way to tell Chap Mei here in the USA. Overseas item's are release with the Chap Mei name on the packages! So it's easy to tell Chap Mei in that case. But here in the USA? No Chap Mei name is ever listed on the USA Packages! None i have ever seen that is.

    Chap Mei figures and Toys have been out since 1997 and i been Collecting the figures since 1997. Again i buy the Vehicles if they come with some figures i don't have. But i don't collect the Vehicles! I Only want the figures. Where as most of you are more interested in the Vehicles. They are nice and would be great for anyone's collection. I just don't collect any Vehicles!

    How to tell Chap Mei? Far as the figures they are somewhat easy to spot in many cases? The thumbs on the Chap Mei are all turned down. They have done all their figures like this. Except the Ninja Figures! When i first saw those Ninja figures at Rite Aid a few years ago? I didn't even know they were Chap Mei because the thumbs and hands were not like the Chap Mei figures. But they turned out to be a New Style Chap Mei figure and even had a New Style Hands! So they were Chap Mei and i would never of known if it wasn't for someone on the YoJoe: The Pit mail list.

    A Special Thanks to them. They know who they are.

    Far as the Vehicles? That would be a Hard part to tell was Chap Mei and what isn't. If you Open the Packages? All Chap Mei vehicles say Chap Mei on them and all have an ID Producion Number on them that Chap Mei uses. So in that case that would be really the only way to tell if it's Chap Mei or not?

    BEWARE!!! Tho... Because their are many Knock-Off lines that look just like the Chap Mei figures and Vehicles! But they are not Chap Mei. Some even look like Lanard: The Corps! Line. But they aren't! Their Cheap Nameless Knock-Offs and the details and Quality is not going to be up to the Chap Mei or even Lanards standard that they use. So again BEWARE! Of those Knock-Offs!

    Far as Places who carry Chap Mei?

    Well here is some i know of that has carried Chap Mei one time or another. They may or May Not carry them this day but they have Carried them over the years?

    1. Big Lots (Most are found here)
    2. Rite Aid (The 2nd Best Place)
    3. Target (Blue Box Toys)
    4. Toys 'R' Us (Value Toys)
    5. K-Mart has had Chap Mei figures in the Past. Never saw any Vehicles at K-Mart for Chap Mei tho.
    6. Dollar Tree (Single Figures)

    That's all that i know of around me that has carried Chap Mei over the years. So some have Chap Mei right now. But again BEWARE of those Knock-Offs! They sometimes carry those Knock-Offs as well. They may look like Chap Mei but BEWARE they are not!

    Yo Joe!
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    why do you like the chap may figures?
    do you collect all the unnamed guys like the firefighters ect and in all their varients?
    Always wanted: Foreign figs, protos and test shots, and vs 1 BATs and parts.

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    Reply to: Yo-Man2

    I don't know who your message was for since thier was no name on who it was for? But in this case since i posted just before your message i'll assume it was for me?

    I collect many action figure lines. All have to be in the 3 3/4" to 4" size lines. I have collected figures from just to give a few. I have over 50 lines or more by now.

    1. Star Wars (This was my start)
    2. G.I.Joe (Since the 1984 Zartan)
    3. The Corps! (Since 1986)
    4. Chap Mei (Since 1997)
    5. Buck Rogers
    6. Power Commandos
    7. Captain Power
    8. Universal Mini Monsters
    9. Robotech
    10. Voltron

    The List goes on and on. Too many to ever list here.

    Yes i collect all the Chap Mei figure lines and any Variations that come out with the Figures.

    That's one reason why i don't collect the Vehicles. I have no room for any Vehicles i buy from any of my lines. So i Only want the Figures. And those after years and years take up allot of room! To much room. I need more. So in that case Figures Only for me. No Vehicles or Playsets. I just don't have the Room space for all of those. And i don't need them anyways. Figures are what i collect and i Buy them all. Variations... Repaints.... All of them if i can find them.

    And with Chap Mei their have been several figures now since 1997 and a few Variations and Repaints by Chap Mei and yes i collect them all.

    Got to have them all. Their not Pokemon but again same goes for any figures i collect. I gotta have them all. Some i don't even care for the looks of? I Buy them anyways. Got to have them.

    Yo Joe!

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    I reconized that bad guyz vs cops name too, I'd seen it on one of the packages.


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