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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra-La La Larry
    Don't all the Chap Mei items have a little "CM" in a circle somewhere on the packaging?
    I'm pretty sure you are talking about the CE in a circle. They might, but so does nearly everything else in the world. That is just a marking that has something to do with being approved for the European Market.
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    Lanard and Chap Mei

    Far as Lanard they are the makers of The Corps! The Corps! Started first in 1986 under the name of "Gung-Ho" Yes that's the first name they used. And figures were single Carded at that time. Glad they changed that.

    They for some reason had to change the line to The Corps! They have just The Corps! WOW Girls! Rescue & Construction Lines! Lanard also made a line of figures that looked like the Chap Mei style figures they called that line Total Soldier!

    The Figures are stamped Lanard on the bottom of their feet! They have been carried in the Blue Box toys at Target and Meijers. Also they have been under the Elite Name Toys at Toys 'R' Us also. Remember the Elite Operations name is a Toys 'R' Us Brand and many companies like Lanard and Chap Mei and even other companies release items to Toys 'R' Us and Toys 'R' Us puts them all under their Elite Operations Name! So just because you see something at Toys 'R' Us with the Elite Operations name on it? It doesn't mean that the figures or Vehicles are either Lanard or Chap Mei Products but could be? So use Caution with those ones.

    Now Chap Mei? These first came out in 1997 They have lines called?

    1. Ninja: Hero Of The Dark
    2. Wild Quest
    3. Freedom Force (Just a Note: Freedom Force was called Soldier Force First! Then went to Freedom Force! But now they have it back to Soldier Force as it was susposed to be in the first Place!)
    4. Rescue Squad (Firefighters)
    5. Police Force
    6. Big Builder: Construction Co.
    7. Soldier Force (Since 1997)
    8. Dino Quest
    9. Cops VS Bad Guyz
    10. Space Quest
    11. Savage Warrior: Beast Raider (Those are the He-Man style figures)

    Then theirs the New Artic Line? I have only seen two Artic figures at Rite Aid so far on and they do not list the Group Name on these sets! So i have no idea yet what this Artic line is called then. Our Big Lots has not got any New Chap Mei toys for this year. And that doesn't look Good for our Big Lots here! BooHoo! On them....

    So those are the Chap Mei lines. But if you find these at several place's they won't even carry a Name on the Packages so you wouldn't know what the line was in that case. But if you are Lucky enough to find them at Big Lots? Then most of those Chap Mei lines have the Name on the Box. So that is nice. You will not See Chap Mei on the Box or CM on any of these stores. In the USA! They use different places and those places package them for their own stores so they Put their name on the Boxes. So you won't see Chap Mei or CM on the USA Packages.

    If your not in the USA? Then you are Lucky in this case then because the item's outside of the USA are listed as Chap Mei or CM So you have that made.

    Yo Joe!

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    There is the He-Man type line as well. Savage Warrior Beast Raider

    And the Space line whatever that is called
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    I went back to Big Lots today and over half the stuff was sold!!!!!! i could not believe it.
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    Big Lots or Rite Aid?

    If you are Lucky enough to find any Chap Mei figures or Vehicles at Big Lots or Rite Aid? Grab them when you see them if you want them? They are a Once a year Stocked item. They get them in Once a Year Stock all they get. And when it sells out! It gone again. No More do they get.

    So it's a First come First Serve with these Chap Mai item's. So if you want them? Grab them or they will be gone. And they do go Fast!

    We get them here at 4 Rite Aids and one Big Lots. The 4 Rite Aids stocked already and most are gone. For some reason our Big Lots never put any New Chap Mei out this year here. I don't know what happened here but are Big Lots is CRAP! When it comes to getting stuff this year. They Tick me Off! I always get my good stuff at this Big Lots ever since 1997... And this year they let me down Big time. Shame on our Big Lots! They are a Big Disapointment.

    Unless they stock them later? But the chances don't appear to be good for me this year. RATS!!!


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    Hi Guys,

    I checked out my local toy store today and there are only 2 A-10s left.
    They retail here for €29.99 each , although I know from experience that to ship a box with two of them to the states would cost around $28.

    By the way, have you seen the Heavy Combat Boat? Wow! This thing is outstanding. Gives the Moray a run for it's money. Chap Mai vehicle designers sure know what they are doing.

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    boat???????what boat I must have it show me pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thumbs up

    Captain-DC THANK YOU!

    That's what kind of information I was looking for. I've seen so many different lines of ... generic.. figures that it's been difficult to figure out if any of em are chap-mei or what. Thus far no one seemed to know what names were on the packages... and that to me is atleast enough information the kind of info that would make identifying them a lot easier.


    Now... I'll keep my eyes open for that A-10. Biglots here though pretty well sucked on the military end of figures. I wonder if they too are holding out for the actual christmas shopping season to begin. Seems as if they didn't have much space for new stuff anyway. That may be why some stores don't have anything new out yet.
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    No Problem!

    That's what this list is for. Their are many Chap Mei lines out. And they seem to add New ones all the time. Just like those Artic Figures this year. And the New Girl in the Wild Quest line. She came in two colors. White or Brown. So i Buy them Both.

    They seem to Re-Paint the Vehicles every year also. One year they may be one color the next something else. Then they use the same Vehicles for their different series so you get the Vehicles then already in different colors for that series. Odd! But i can see why they do it. They Sell More. And Save on Money using them over and Over!

    But as long as their out i try to get all of the Figures anyways. If so that makes my day.

    And with Big Lots here. They still haven't put out any New Chap Mei stuff. As you said maybe they are waiting closer to Christman this year? It would be Odd on Big Lots part tho. They don't keep item's they claim in the Back Room. They say all item's go straight to the floor. That's why most of the time the store is full of boxes all over the place. And not been put out. They have to make room for what has to go out and have enough people working the floors. Our Store here is overcrowed if you ask me with other stuff. And they don't seem to have any room left for anything New to begin with. They have had New figures and Toys every year. And most are in by this time and Sold Out. But this Store here seems Dead on Getting New Stuff this year.

    As you said maybe they are waiting for later. But it's very Odd for them. They been carrying Chap Mei here at Big Lots since 1997 when i first found them. The First Soldier Force set of figures. Those were the Days. They came in Green Outfits or Black Outfits. I had to get Both Sets. He! He! That one Guy looked allot like A Cross Between Cobra Commander and Iron Klaw. I had to get those ones. He! They looked like G.I.Joe: Extreme And at the time i know that at least that one figure was a Knock-Off to Iron Klaw of G.I.Joe: Extreme! But Chap Mei were 3 3/4" figures where Extreme was not. I wouldn't touch Extreme back when they were out. They weren't 3 3/4" But when the Chap Mei line came out in 1997 with that 3 3/4" Knock-Off of Iron Klaw style figure. That was it. I had to get those.

    And been buying them all since.


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    Anyone have any luck finding that A-10?
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    WANTED carded 1982-88 Joes for my collection

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