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    Wow Pete, that's cool, i'm still looking for one of these boxed soldiers, have alot loose, but no luck with a boxed one...

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    Sweet! Mexican Boxed Joes!

    Pete, that a heck of a pick-up. I'd love to see bigger pics of your Cobra find.

    I love the Mexican boxed Joes. I'm stil after a Destro with motorized accessory. BTW, I'll pay huge for one in nice condition.

    I don't pay much attention to actively pursuing a boxed Mexican collection, though I'd love to complete one someday. Currently, I only have Stalker, Destro, and (chalk me up along with DB & Shane) Snake Eyes.

    Beautiful foreign to USA items!

    -Peter : The Definitive " Pimp Daddy Destro " Action Figure Resource : The site for EVERYTHING G.I.Joe. From posters, lunchboxes & store displays to 3 3/4" 25th action figures, prototypes & international items. Get knowledgeable on the full range of 'Joe collectibles since the 80's & join up to the forums!

    Always looking for unique packaged DESTRO items & all G.I.Joe preproduction items (artwork, prototypes, etc.). Contact me! I pay well!

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    Mexican Joes

    Hi in fact I have three mexican joes in their boxes, two Snake Eyes (Lobo Solitario) and one Flash (Soldado Laser) but I dont really know how much do they cost, what prize did you pay for your Cobra?


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