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    Check out this CD I picked up on ebay. The title is G.I. Joe Killaz and it is made in Canada by Cobra Records (somehow I don't think Hasbro knows about this). It is a Rap/Hip-Hop album and it has G.I. Joe-themed lyrics. Some song titles are Cobra Forever, Arashikage Ninjas, Cobra Wants You, etc. If you have a CD with Joe-themed lyrics or art please post the pics/info.

    My Want List: Email me at dmooretoys @ (remove spaces) and let's deal!

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    I picked this disc up last summer and love it. The beats are actually done by one of the biggest names in underground music (which i'm not too into so i don't remember what it is) but i think the best part is that these guys (and girl) actually know what they're talking about when it comes to the Joe storyline. Definately a cool gimmick all around.

    Unfortunately, i'm pretty sure Hasbro got wind of it and served them with a C and D...they're just called the the killaz now and i think they abandoned the GI joe theme or a good chunk of it and are just going with a cheezy military theme...their site is:
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    I'm back in tha worl' again from da' undergroun' and I'm bumpin' this post. They still at the same website.

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    I remember a hardcore band doing something similar but with Transformers, they were called Shockwave. But, they have a song called "Warriors of Cobra" that has samples from a Joe episode or two.

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    Haha, that website has three MP3s from that CD, good stuff.

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    im usually not a fan of rap hip/hop, but its usually cause of the lyrics...if its joe themed its worth a listen


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