2004 JoeCon MIB items: 'Nok Drivers & Morphing Zartan


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    2004 JoeCon MIB items: 'Nok Drivers & Morphing Zartan

    Anyone want some MIB 2004 JoeCon items? I have the 'Nok Drivers Set MIB (unopened) & the "Morphing Zartan into TF Hawk" MIB (unopened) as well.

    I had to pay item cost, tax (yup, they charged tax at the con this year), & a pretty big shipping charge to get them from the con to my house (not the fault of the person who hooked me up.. the person was charged a HUGE service fee to ship from the con).

    So what do you have to pay? Only the base cost of the item(s) & shipping from my house to yours. I'll eat the rest, tax & all. Please send me an e-mail if you're looking for these items. I know that MC still has them for sale, but I am sure that I can ship mine to you for less (not a penny over what the actual shipping cost is).. and/or if you're not a member, here's a chance to get these at member prices.

    Anyway, first come first serve. Peace.

    [email protected]
    The incredible Magnum6Delta GI Joe Database!

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    Hey, how much for the Zartan set?

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    if he hasnt gotten it already, id like to know about the zartan set as well
    The GR81 has spoken!

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