80's GIJoe Vehicles for sale


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    80's GIJoe Vehicles for sale

    I have two vehicles in excellent condition for sale:
    1989 Arctic blast 100%complete excellent condition
    1986 Cobra Stun, only missing one flag, but also in excellent condition.
    these are only vehicles, figures not included.
    i would like to sell the together(it's lower price and lower shippingprice), but it is possible to buy one of them.
    if you interested please send me an email with offer. ([email protected])
    The shipping cost depends on your location.

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    Some people write me about prices so i let you know:
    both of them are 15USd +shipping.
    the paypal and bidpay doesn't work in Hungary so i can only accept western union money transfer (fast and safety).
    if any questions please write me an email.
    i can answering till thursday, cause i will go for holiday until 8th of august.
    off course after iwill have arrived home i will answer for everybody.
    thank you!

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    I live in Europe as well. For me shipping alone is already making your items too expensive. In other words: if you would only charge me for shipping, I still would not do it.

    In Europe these vehicles will do around 4.99 a piece complete with driver. Your best bet is to sell it at local boards.

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    thank you man!

    it was a great help and it must be a good promotion and advertisement.

    So i can sell them on lower price.
    the shipping is not so expensive, to the USA is about 15USD.
    please write me if any question
    thank you
    Balazs from Hungary


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