Vamp Mark Ii Dark Version I Need The Launcher + All Missiles!

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    Exclamation Vamp Mark Ii Dark Version I Need The Launcher + All Missiles!

    If You Have Them, Please....let's Trade!
    I Need The Whole Part For The Back Turret And All The Grey Missiles Or Bombs...

    Anyone Have Them By A Chance??

    Jose Isaiah Peña

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    I have a VAMP mark II turret. I don'[t have a VAMP mk II so how do I know whether it's the dark one or not? Any pictures I cam compare with?

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    Exclamation holycow!!

    ok dude..please...check the main page of,then go to the vehcles section..then search for the vamp....make a clik there and it is going to show you the models for the vamps marks will see the firts edition (green) and then the tan jeep v2 and the version 3 is the vamp mark dark version...

    please..lmk if that is the one that you have??

    thanks man...

    Jose Isaiah Peña

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    check the 3 3/4 vehicle playset and archice....
    Jose Isaiah Peña

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    good news and bad news.

    The turret I have is indeed the dark version.
    However, I have no missiles and there is some damage to the tab that connects it to the vamp, although it still stands up fine (when I put it in a stinger that is).

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    Lightbulb where is your e-mail????

    dude..I want it like problem....

    let's deal here!

    also....i'm trying to send you a personal message or a e-mail.....
    you need to fix or edit your options...

    here is my e-mail..
    [email protected]

    write me back asap!!
    Jose Isaiah Peña


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