Snake Eyes 9 back MOC - broken O-ring?

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    Snake Eyes 9 back MOC - broken O-ring?

    I just bought this bad boy and when it arrived it looks like the 0-ring is broken. I am kind of new to collecting and wanted to see if anyone could help identify if the o-ring is in fact broken. The legs are very loose looking and they sway from side to side unevenly when you tilt the card. Any help would be appreciated. Looking forward to posting on here with some fellow Joe fans! Here are some pictures.

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    From your description and the pics i would say its broke. I had a Shipwreck that when you tilted it from side to side his legs would sway. I was showing it to a friend and he went ahead and snapped it half so I wouldn't jiggle it to much. Still a great looking Snake Eyes.

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    Also just wanted to say that is one of my Holy grails. I have a 32 back Snake eyes but I want a 9 back sooo bad. Broke oring or not that is a piece of Gi joe history you got there. You should be proud of it.

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    Very nice Snake Eyes! I wouldn't worry too much, it's still a great looking example of a very sought after moc figure. It displays great! Just be careful when handling it.

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    Open it! Open it!


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