Full Screen or Widescreen G.I.Joe: Valor vs Venom DVD?


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    Full Screen or Widescreen G.I.Joe: Valor vs Venom DVD?

    Ok, For those of you that now have the DVD for G.I.Joe: Valor vs Venom and have watched it? Did you get a Full Screen or a Widescreen?

    I just got mine today at K-Mart with the Exclusive G.I.Joe: Valor vs Venom Dog Tag with Chain! Very Nice Dog Tag!

    But the Movie itself on the DVD is Full Screen? So what the???

    Did anyone get a Widescreen DVD??? Or did they only do the Full Screen Version?

    Please let me know? Thanks!


    (Spy Troops: DVD was in Widescreen, So i was hoping that Valor vs Venom would also be in Widescreen? So did anyone get a Widescreen DVD of Valor vs Venom? And if so what Place did you get your DVD From? Thanks!) Yo Joe!
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    Mine was also full screen. Every online retailer lists it as closed-captioned or standard, so I guess they did not release a widescreen version. This is odd because the trailer, music video, and making of feature are all widescreen.

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    Maybe it wasn't made in Widescreen? Alot of animated movie aren't.

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    I went to K-Mart to get the DVD today, and to make a long story short, they didn't have the dog tag, so I returned it. Did they have the dog tag with the box, (I know it wasn't inside it, I checked) or did they handed it you to at the register?

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    I believe mine was in Widescreen, and I bought it at Wal-Mart. It didn't have the Dog Tag, but it did come with the TCG Card of Venomous Maximus.
    You know, I could be wrong, but it seemed that the opening sequence with the opening credits was in Widescreen. It may have changed to Full Screen after that sequence was over. I got into the story and didn't really pay attention to the screen format from that point on.
    I'm at work now. I'll watch it when I get home, in the morning, and get back with everyone about this tomorrow evening.

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    Valor VS Venom?

    Far as a Widescreen Edition? I don't know if they did release a Widescreen Version? But the Trailor and other stff was shown as Widescreen and Last years Spy Troops was Widescreen. But the Movie i got was Full Screen. So that's why asked? I would perfer Widescreen over Full Screen anyday if their was a Widescreen Release of this? So if anyone did find the Movie as a Widescreen please let me know and where it was found at? Thanks!

    Far as the K-Mart version? It contains all the Good Stuff as all the Other DVD Versions have. The Trailor The Making Of and more. Plus that Venomous Maximus Card also.

    The K-Mart Edition comes with a G.I.Joe Valor VS Venom Metal Dog Tag with Chain and this is Exclusive to K-Mart Only! No other Stores have this Exclusive with the Dog Tag! So if you like a Dog Tag you can Save or use? Then this is a Nice one to have.

    If you goto K-Mart the DVD says on the Cover with a sticker on the Bottom right hand side? K-Mart Exclusive Limited Run while They Last G.I.Joe Valor VS Venom Dog Tag right on the DVD Front Cover! On the Back of this Version it has an Insert inside the Back side of the DVD that Only shows a Picture of what the Dog Tag Looks Like. You Will Not See the Dog Tag On the Outside! It's on the Inside! It Included inside of the Package and you have to Open the Package to see it or get it out. Otherwise you wouldn't even think it was Included? But Don't Fear it is inside of the Package!!!

    If it has that Sticker on the Front Saying K-Mart Exclusive Dog Tag and the Back side shows a Picture of the Dog Tag? Then you got the Right one. Just Buy that if you want the Dog Tag? And take it home Open it up and Take The Dog Tag out of the Package then. Their you get your Exclusive Dog Tag! Again this is a K-Mart Exclusive! Not gonna find these at Wal-mart or On-Line Stores or anywhere else. The Price is Retail Price of $14.99 And K-Mart does not Match Price Adds! So If you got an Add for a Cheaper Price? K-Mart does not match Prices no More! So you can count that out.

    Our Meijer stores have the DVD for Only $12.99 But Hey? Pay $14.99 at K-Mart and you get that Exclusive Dog Tag? So two Dollars more and the Dog Tag is well Worth That alone!

    Yo Joe!

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    It's fullscreen. And that other referenced widescreen material (trailer, intro, etc) isn't legitimate widescreen. It's just matted 1.66:1, not 16x9 - I have a widescreen TV and when I told it to display it as such, there was substantial cropping of the picture beyond the letterbox area.


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