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    Talking G.I. Joe Happy Meals

    Hey Joe headz. After work yesterday I headed home. When I walked into the house, a McDonalds Happy Meal box was on the dining room table with the G.I. Joe Venom vs Valor cartoon art sprayed all over the box. I asked my daughter, "Where's my Joe at?? Where's my Joe??" My wife laughed. My daughter then said, "I didn't want it." I said, "You didn't want the Joe?" She said, "No." Instead she got that cutsie wootsie white plastic Kitten with bracelets.

    I was kinda' proud to see the Happy Meal box though. I'll be making a stop after work and getting some of those Joes. Anyone else got the Happy Meal Joes yet??
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    I thought they weren't coming out until tommorow. Guess I'll have to head on over to McD's.

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    Just went to McD's by the house and got two HM's. No joes.

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    I just got Duke. He is kinda cool, good for a Happy Meal prize. He is standing with his huge backpack on my desk, looking very heroic.
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    Are these figures 3 3/4" sized, or smaller?

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    They are 3 3/4" sized. Articulated just like the vintage SW figures. I had to use a battle stand to get him to stand with the backpack on. It is huge. Shoots a missle (comes with 3). I could not get him to stand with the backpack on without using a stand.
    The bad news is the world is ending....the good news is there's a party, but you better get here fast...

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    The McD's I went to wouldn't give them out until Friday...
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    I just got Cobra Commander and he isn't so bad.

    The backpack comes off (thank goodness) and can clip to a kid's wrist or belt.

    Then the best part, it comes with a cape to plug into the back posts once you take the backpack off. Nice!

    No filecard included.

    I can put pictures in the thread later if anyone wants to see.
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    Got all my Happy Meal G.I.Joe's!

    So since they are out. I didn't want to wait until today after 11:00am to get mine. No Way! That's too Long. You can't buy Happy Meals for Breakfast! And i'm not going to pay out the same price for just the Toy when i can get the entire meal for the same Price. No Way! I don't eat that Crap anyways! The Food is Crap! But i have some pets that i will give the Food to Today. So they;ll enjoy that. He! He!

    We got like 7 or more McDonalds in my Area. One on the other side of town is open 24hrs. Yahoo!

    I called them like 1:00am and asked them first if they had the G.I.Joe Happy Meals? Yep We Sure Do!

    So i asked what one's do you have? They had to check.... We have 1. & 2. Duke and Cobra Commander

    I'm like you don't have all of them? I wanted to get them all now if you had them? They said on the Phone No We Only Have 1. & 2. I said ok i'll be right over.

    So i got ready and off i went about 2:00am before i got to the other side of town where this McDonalds is at. But hey got to get them now. Gotta Have Them! No If's And's Or But's Gotta Have My G.I.Joe's! He! He!

    The Girl said to me when i was at the drive thru. Were you the one who called a few minutes ago about them? I said Yep that's me. And then Her Manager came to the Window and said did you want to get them all right now? I said Yah if you have them. But i don't know if i want all 8 of them or not. I know i want the Four Action Figures. But i'm not sure yet until i see them about the four Vehicles? So i got to see all 8 of them then. He! He! The Vehicles were Ok if your into Vehicles. But i don't Collect Vehicles anyways! And their are no real Action Figures in the Vehicles! So those i will Pass on. Don't want those Vehicles ones. So she said do you want the four Figures then? I only Ordered Two Happy Meals thinking all i was going for was Duke And Cobra Commander. And then i said You Bet! I'll take the Other Two Figures now also. So she had to Ring up Two More Happy Meals and Put the Other Two Figures in those Meals! But that is alright with me. I Only had to Buy Four Happy Meals and i Got all Four of my Figures I want.

    So My Set is Complete! I may even go later and buy another set of Four Later! Of the Figures! They are Pretty Good for a Happy Meal Toy. And i always like to have Two of the Figures anyways! So i Still may get another set of Four Later! I Don't have to be in No Hurry now to get the other Four tho as i got the one Set of Four i wanted. So if i get another set fine. If Not ok.

    I got my set. So i'm Done with what i wanted then.

    So i got my.
    Cobra Commander
    Dr. Mindbender
    Snake Eyes

    I Like the Cobra Commander the Best. With that red Cape on Man that is one Nice Figure!!! Forget about those Stupid Backpacks! Those i can care less for. But the Figures are a Must Have.

    So if no one has their set yet? What are you Waiting for? And if you haven't see the DVD yet? Your way Behind then.

    He! He!


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    i want all the vehicle ones! anyone have extras?


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