Micro Machines 1999 Hasbro(/Galoob)


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    Micro Machines 1999 Hasbro(/Galoob)

    After Hasbro bought up Galoob in the late 90'es the started putting out GI Joe Micro Machines. I would love a comprehensive list/pictures of all the Joe ones that were released, if someone can help me out. It's really hard to find any info about them on the net :/ I'm talking about sets like these:

    YOJOE.COM | G.I.Joe Micro Machines

    YOJOE.COM | G.I.Joe Micro Machines

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    Well, I can't claim that this is a complete list, but here we go:

    1996 MicroVerse (Not Micro Machines, but a deliberate attempt to be by Hasbro):
    GI Joe Battle Battalion Assortment #1

    1999 Series (Found in Europe under generic "Military" packaging, G.I. Joe replaced with "A-Force"):
    Air Barrage
    Attack at Thunder Canyon
    Battle at Bazooka Bunker
    Battle at Checkpoint Bridge
    Cobra Communications Towers
    Cobra Tank Battalion
    Combined Arms Attack
    Counterattack at Spitfire Forest
    Crossing at Turkey Creek
    GI Joe Air Squadron
    GI Joe Checkpoint Bridge
    GI Joe Mobile Assault Base
    GI Joe vs Cobra Dogfight
    GI Joe vs Cobra Turret Attack
    Recon the Comm Towers
    Rescue at Squall Summit
    Skirmish at Four Pines
    Thunder Canyon Breakthrough

    2000/2001 Series (European continuation of the "Military" A-Force vs Cobra line)
    Arctic Assault
    Desert Destroyer
    Laser Attack Airstrip
    Rapid Attack Helicopter
    Secret Sea Station
    Stealth Tank

    2002 Series (KB Toys Exclusive):
    Cobra Mountain Headquarters
    Desert Lightning
    Freedom Strike
    GI Joe Headquarters
    Invisible Threat
    Rescue at Squall Summit

    Note that while a set called "Rescue at Squall Summit" was available in both 1999 and 2002, they are completely different sets.
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    Edited my list to add in some missing sets.

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