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    We must have a new Falcon and Cover Girl. Mayday should fill out the 3-pack.

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    Didnt someone say they would be posting some character photos? Some of the characters listed as possiblilities are not on the corresponding comic cover shots.

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    I do NOT want a Zanya figure. That is the worst character
    Hey Toy Nutz, why do you think Zanya's character is the worst? Just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadnok4life
    Hey Toy Nutz, why do you think Zanya's character is the worst? Just curious.
    It ruins Zartan for one. Second she is soo bland and badly written, the Battlelines book with her origin was awful. So a 16 year old girl can take on a the Dreadnoks and win?? Come on! If she were just a Dreadnok female about 19 or 20, that would not be too bad. Same thing with Wraith. Too super powered. He is just an Iron Man ripoff.

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    If they are to be RAH sculpts, then I am definatly disappointed that Kamakura is not an option. I understand that we have quite a few of them already, but none in the old style. That said, I want a new Cover Girl.

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    It seems like most of you want #6. That's OK I guess.
    I voted for #28:

    Issue #28:

    Mayday--A new female joe!
    Mariner-- Another new Joe
    Raptor Viper --A new troop builder and someone to fly that Barrelroll glider!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Bohn
    I'll gather up some images later this weekend/early next week for people who don't know the newer characters.
    I'm not going to be able to get to that this week, anyone want to do it?

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    I will probably be voting for either Issue #6 in hopes that we get finally get that nice DD version of Storm Shadow. If I did, he would be my default Storm Shadow easily. Or I would vote for Issue #22 as I would love new sculpts of Serpentor and Overlord.

    I wish they had issue 27 as an option. That would be an awesome comic 3 pack. Maybe something like: Snake Eyes (in trench coat with bo staff), Sei-Tin, and a DD version of Snake Eyes. And with the new Red Ninja's coming up in the new TRU set, I could recreate that entire scene. That would be awesome.



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