Grade it sealed or open ?

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    Grade it sealed or open ?

    I have some steel brigades still in the bag and want to get some graded. Should I have them graded sealed in the bag or have them open the bag then grade them? Some of the bags are not in the best shape due to yellowing ect.. I have never sent a figure in to get graded so I don't want to make a mistake especially if it drops the value down dramatically. Any advise is appreciated.

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    I can only speak for myself, but I would think there would be others that feel the same way. If the bag itself looks bad, it doesn't make for a nice display piece. Seems like a situation of addition by subtraction. Take it out of a bad looking bag and it looks better. However, if you send it to AFA out of the bag that could affect the score since they have no idea how long it was out of the bag. Maybe send it to them in the bag and tell them you want them to take it out of the bag before grading and sealing in a new case?

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    I'd get the nice ones graded in their baggies. I'm sure it's not the end of the world if you have afa take the crappy bagged ones out and have them graded loose. I certainly wouldn't have the nice ones graded loose though. I'm pretty sure your bagged figures are rarer and worth more than loose ones.
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    You could try calling them before sending them and asking, but the fact that they are sealed, bad bags or not, makes them pretty rare.

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    Where does one email or send an item to be graded? Does anyone have a link or email address?

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    Check out: for info and pricing.
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