Jeff! What'll U do w/the Happy Meal toys?

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    Question Jeff! What'll U do w/the Happy Meal toys?

    How're you going to categorize them? Would the Happy Meal Duke be officially known as "Duke v.16"? Snake-Eyes v.19???

    No reason for this. . .just wildly curious


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    Undecided yet and being discussed.

    Personally, I think they belong in the Collectibles Archive, but someone else said the action figure archive.

    What does everyone else think?

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    oh please do not call those a version of a figure.
    are they really?
    sure joe is a giant marketing thing, but shouldnt maybe when a fast food chain gets involved ?????/
    why is this a discussion????? arrrrrrrGHHH1!
    heheh well my vote obviously goes to-

    Collectibles Archive,
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    Red face

    Yeah, collectibles for sure.
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    Dreadnok for life!
    Holodna hmoora. Eemruchnoh v'doosheh. Kak mohg znat ya shtoh tee oomriosh? Do svidonia, byehreg rodnoy. Do svidonia, byehreg rodnoy. Kak nam troodnag pridstahvit shtoh eto nyeh sohn. Rodina, dom radnoy,Do svidonia Rodina.

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    Okay, first. . .I'm not trying to pick a fight. This idea came to me just now.

    The archives' primary purpose is to help newbies out, right? So what's a newbie to do ten years from now & finds a Snake-Eyes with only five pts. of articulation and no paint? What if a seller finds a Joe lot in the future where the McD's figures are integrated with the VvV/SpyTroops figures? What about the figure accessories? They're backpacks right? What if those are mixed in with future accessory lots?

    If they can't find it in the figure archive, they're stuck with the hassle of trying to hunt it down in the collectibles archive. But OTOH, the SE, CC, Dr.M, and Duke are technically action figures. No really, much to our collective dismay. . .they are. While obviously the other Happy Meal toys are not.

    My thought is to list the four figures as action figures and then include a blurb about where they came from as part of a line of collectibles that can be found elsewhere in the collectibles archive.

    Easy-breezy-beautiful. . .


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    I think the four regular figures are just that - figures. They are as every bit as good as the 2002 T-Crotches - well, darn near the same.

    I can honestly see someone trying to look them up in the main archive - and this goes for the BTR guys as well. I really think they are all figures and should reside there.

    As well as in collectibles and in the BTR sections.

    They can reside in two places that would point to the same pictures.

    Now the ones with mold vehicles attached to them I would keep in the McDonald's section as they are different enough from being figures or vehicles.
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    collectibles. They don't belong in the figure section.


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