just wondering this...


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    just wondering this...

    i recently read a post about someone saying about selling everything and starting over. this got me thinking about my collection. while i dont wanna sell it yet, i am at leasts thinking about it and was wondering what value i could get?

    has anyone ever seen a whole set of figures sold, from 82- current. i'm only missing like 4 common figures from 02/03, and figs which havnt hit stores here yet. i always see lots for like 100 figs, or 200, but never the whole line, plus all army builders i have.

    anyone have a value idea?
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    I'll trade you a mail-away agent faces mint in sealed bag for it
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    thanks, but i wil have to decline, but i really would like a real idea of the value, i mean i have no idea and have never seen and completely massice collections sold, so was wondering if any of the older collectors have seen it?
    Please check out my Ebay Store : http://stores.ebay.com/kkcollectible...sandtoysQQtZkm or E-mail me at [email protected] if there is anything specific you need, and i can help (maybe)

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    Hehe, sorry man, couldn't resist. I've never seen a lot that big either so I couldn't tell you. I'm sure someone will chime in soon with a guesstimate though
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightfoot12345
    anyone have a value idea?

    I saw a nearly complete collection from 82-94 (no vehicles) go for around $1500. The problem with selling your collection as a whole is you limit the potential buyers. The winner of the above auction parted out the figures and made another $400 - $600+.

    Hope this gives you a ballpark range.

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    It may be more stressful and time comsuming but I surmise that you will receive way more money for your collction if you sell individual. I know people that sold whole nearly complete collections and got no more than $2000 ; whereas on the other hand some people broke their collection down and sold figures and vehicles separately or in small lots. You see the thing is that there are many joe collectors out there that have incomplete collections and they all need different pieces to complete them. One guy may nee a Nightforce figure, the other a Claymore , and yet another a piece for the Flagg. If you break your collection down you maximize your profit margin by getting a high price for each piece; depending on the condition. I know of people that have only sold parts of their collection and have gotten over $5,000! For example a friend of mine in Ontario sold all his excess Cobra Troopers such as Cobra, Cobra Officers, Televipers, Vipers, Bats and others and the combined profit he made after paying ebay fees and other things was almost three thousand dollars. Army Building lots of vintage figures command especially high price figures on ebay. I think this would be a good idea rather than trying to sell the whole thing one time!

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    I think the numbers mentioned thus far are pretty realistic. The main thing IMO though is not just the figures... but also how complete each figure is and in what condition.

    Still, the whole idea of parting out the collection rather than selling it as a whole will nearly always yeild a higher revenue no matter what it is you're selling.

    For instance I've seen GI JOe comic lots that included many of the final issues and even the final issue go for over $150 to $200 pretty easily. However the last 10 issues alone can if sold separately bring in that much or more.

    So IMO the rule of thumb is... buy in big lots... but sell individually.

    If you decide to do this... just think closely about what you may want to get back into later. Because it's very possible you could screw up and sell of many figures that end up costing you more in the long run to get back later. If a specific army is one you want to keep. Don't sell it. Expecially if it brings in good money because it most likely will cost more to get back.
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