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    Lightbulb Comic Three Pack Solution

    I noticed something today and if this has already been talked about I am sorry. I noticed the month on the comic book in the comic book three packs. Each one has a different month on it. I got each pack in the month on the three pack. For instance, Comic Pack #3 has September, I just found it. So with this assumption, they are going to issue one a month. Can anyone else verify this?

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    thats probably just left from the original comic covers. the three packs come packed together in the same case.

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    I dunno, that might have been cool....have a new one come out every month, just like a comic book. Oh well, they're still awesome as it is (except for Clutch lol)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deogg
    Oh well, they're still awesome as it is (except for Clutch lol)
    Hey, someone on the team has to be pushing it with the height/weight scales!!
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    Good observation. However yes thus far the months match up perfectly with the original months these issues came out. However, that may be intentional.
    :D Yo Joe! :D


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