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    Someone mentioned Night Viper. I never thought about it but yeah, hands down, I'd go for that. BAT v1's of course. Either one would be my choice.
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    I would chose to have thirty of the scorpions they looked cool

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    I can only narrow it down to 3 IGs V1, Vipers V7, Snow sepeant V3.There just to many great army builders for Cobra.I have to keep it at squads of 5 or 6 because I don't have enough room and I want to incorparate all of them.I used to believe that you could not army build with single characters and as a rule I don't do it,but 5 wide scopes look really sweet behind a V1 shockwave.I had to buy the Bats anyway I figured why waste'em.

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    I'd love to get 30 Hunters with logo, that would be awesome. And don't ask me why but 30 SA Soldiers are also on top of my list...

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    I like the idea of 30 Glow in the dark Heavy Waters. How cool would that be?

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    30? I would have to do some serious cutting back then.

    Seriously I could use 30 Cobra Invasors or Crimson Guard Immortals with the Rock Viper heads. But I wouldn't mind having 30 more of any army builder. Well almost any. I wouldn't want 30 of the Mega Viper. ::shudders::

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    Quote Originally Posted by donsbabyboo
    TRU Blue Viper or Crimson Viper

    this is the one i would love to army build with too. or maybe the cg's. but blue tru viper would be my first choice.

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    Probably the original cobra trooper. Such a classic figure.
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    I can't believe some of you are fighting over what figure counts here. Let people dream of whatever army they want to build out of whatever figure.

    I would take 30 more Cobra Soldiers myself.

    Heck if I am dreaming - how about 30 Viper Pilots.
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    I would like to have 30 Tollbooths

    Then I 'll create a street which was attacked by Cobra and the Tollbooths have to clean up and rebuild!
    They've got to have a sound attack...they should whistle! Why???
    Well when lady jaye, baroness, scarlett or any other female figure walks by people who do work like this always whistle to chicks!
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