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    Gravy Figures

    This is a thread for people to post their "gravy" figures. Meaning not figures you are clamoring for, but rather figures you think would be pretty nifty if they did get around to doing them.

    For me:

    Maskless Beachhead. I think it would be cool to have this version but I'm not going to pine away for it.

    Cobra Soldier based on the 12 inch version.

    black female Joe. Instead of a mechanic like planned in the original line, I'd like to see a combat soldier female or maybe a tanker.

    I'd like to see more Joes in desert themes.

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    Red face

    I'd like to see all new sculpts of the original joe team...

    I'd also like to see new sculpts released of Scrap Iron, Major Bludd, Serpentor, the original uniform storm shadow and finally a billy.
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    The comic 3 packs are pretty much doing new sculpts of the early joe team.Also it looks to me as though the V1 storm shadow will be released repainted in the TRU ninja 6 pack.So I think you have some pretty cool stuff to look for in the stores.I would like to see the Interrogator,Techno Viper,Headhunter stormtrooper, Serpentor,Torch,Buzzer,Zanya,Billy,there's just to many to list.I think some DDP sculpts would be awesome.I just love the DDP artwork.If more figures were made like that the line could even be better than it is know.

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    A new Falcon.


    figures of Mayday, Wraith, and Raptor-Viper from the comics.

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    I would like it if they made the Roadblock "Live Cooking Show Host" version pictured on one of the covers for GI Joe Frontline #18. That would be nice. I'm not begging for it... but that was a nice looking set... with accessories and all! Even the little dog!

    here's an image:

    Also I'd love to see Billy get made into a figure. I'm not as hot for that as other people are so I think it makes my Gravy list. But maybe a 2-pack featuring a Teenage Billy and his Mom... would be cool.

    Last but certainly not least... I'd like to have a Snake Eyes wearing his blond haired mask (with removable mask if that's possible). Currently, I'm actually doing a custom of that very figure... except the mask isn't removable so I have to change heads back and fourth for the current Dio Story I have planned

    ... while I'm at it... the other custom I'm working on.. is a Cobra Commander without mask as seen in the original Marvel comics line. That too.. is for my planned dio story. It would be nice though if this figure was made for me
    :D Yo Joe! :D

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    I'd like to see:
    -Kamakura in combat gear
    -CG like 12in version
    -A Jungle Viper
    -New Night Vipers
    -Slash from GnR as the next celebrity joe.

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    Also Snake Eyes as a commando - NOT a ninja.


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