BTR Joe Rock Crusher $2.00 at Family Dollar

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    BTR Joe Rock Crusher $2.00 at Family Dollar

    First response....who cares right??

    I know there's some BTR collectors out there. I'm not one of them. But for $2.00, I might become one. Yesterday I saw stacks and stacks of Rock Crushers w/Gung-Ho at Family Dollar. I was wishing they were the single pack Joes. I might go back and get one today and put it together for the heck of it. Anyone else seen these or are interested in them??

    Here's the link^^

    Are they even worth $2.00 to you??
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    my only interest in the btr line is for the figures...the vehicles stink imho.

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    You beat me to it CobraG...I just got back from one of my Family Dollars with five figures and saw the Rock Crusher. Passed on it for now but wanted to post just in case ANYBODY would be interested!!!
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    Anything Joe for only $2.00 is an interest to me.


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