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    I never army built as a kid. My folks would say "you already have that guy, get someone else". I thought about dipping into the army building waters, but opted try and complete the whole original run first. There are a few guys I like and will have 2 or 3 of, but not the typical army builders.
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    I tried to army build as a kid but it was pretty lame. I did manage to get 2 Cobra troops, 2 Vipers and 3 Bats. I did a little better with Star Wars and got around 5 Stormtroopers, Snowtroopers, Hoth Rebels, extra Ewoks, 3 Imperial Royal Guards, 3 Scout Troopers, and 2 Bossks and Ig-88s (liked them two). Now I love army building but I've gotten into foreign figures and that has soaked all my cash up so I had to stop.
    Selling out! LMK what you need!

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    not exactly army building......but multiples i have always had for star wars mainly to complete you need 2 at at drivers to drive the at at....6 stormies for the imp cruiser ect
    Always wanted: Foreign figs, protos and test shots, and vs 1 BATs and parts.

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    i didnt army build as a kid at all i rather have 2 different figures than 2 of the same that was my thinking back money was very tight.

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    I could not even think about army building. I had a hard enough time getting all of the figures I wanted. Tack on a few vehicles a year and I did not have the resources left for duplicates. But oh how I wanted some extra troops, just to have them in more than one place!

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    Talking As a kid

    I didn't really even have cobra YES THAT'S TRUE the most figures my mom or I brought for me where joes I got my first viper from a trade went I really got in to the whole joe vs cobra thing.
    I didn't really get in to ARMY BUILDIN until about 2 years ago now my army is not to bad at lease 3 of each viper+. But I'm not a big army collector if they are there I get them but I don't always go out of my way to get any.

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    For some reason I never army builded back in my youth? The idea is soo simple yet I guess the idea of just having one of each made me happy. I didn't get into army building until about 99 or 2000. The only reason I had anything as far as army builders when I started over was due to luck or just cheap prices. My focus was more on getting all the figures until like a few years ago.

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    I agree with most folks...I was happy to have one of each fig, let alone ask for two!! I did end up with two crimson guards...which was nice, and I liked the idea of multiple figures. Well, my stepmom's nephew STOLE one of the CG's I kept at my dad's....I thought it was just missing at first, but went to his house and somehow he had all the figures from 88-89, but nothing before, except one shiny CG with no weapons......GRRRRR.

    So nowadays I enjoy my 20+ cg's. Take that stupid step-cousin person!

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Real Destro
    I tried getting into it.. Started off with Star Wars Hoth figs. Had a decent army. But just got out it.
    Pretty much same here. I had multiples of Snowtroopers, and that's mainly it. Then in Joe, I had 2-3 of some of the early Cobra's, and as I got older I had a little more. About a dozen Vipers, 6-7 CG's, 2-3 BAT's, and multiples of some vehicles (FANG's, STUN's, SNAKE's and a second Dragonfly to replace my damaged one)
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    I was ten years old in 1982, and thought it was absolutely rediculous that there were all these joes and only a few cobras. So I dreamed and begged for more cobra soldiers but like a lot of us have mentioned, Dad wouldn't dream of buying two of something I already had!! And at the time I didn't have much of an allowance to use or I was using it to buy JOE comics! I did try to get friends and family to buy them (cobras) for birthdays and x-mas from 82-84, but if I did wind up with a joe, it was another Tripwire or Rock n Roll....Now I have four infantry pack to make a small platoon.
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