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    Quote Originally Posted by flywheels
    Where are some good points on a Rattler or Conquest X-30 to attach the fishing line? I'm really wanting to get these hung over the weekend in my office @ home.
    The Rattler is a pain to me for some reason. Keeps wanting to go off balance. I use a criss-cross method right inbetween the wings. Works the best for me on Rattlers.

    The Conquests I use a looping approaching. One loop over the front end and another up and under the exhausts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deogg
    Hey Gemini, what strength of fishing line do you use?
    30 pound. I haven't had a line break yet. Come undone is another story.

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    For the Rattler, I loop the line around the tail and just between the nose gun & front LG stop. You can reposition it if you want it to bank left, right, etc.


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    i plan on hanging my planes as soon as i get the hobby room started! meanwhile all my vehicles are packed away!


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