Best way to hang aircraft from the ceiling?

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    Best way to hang aircraft from the ceiling?

    Anyone got any good ideas who to suspend/hang Joe & Cobra aircraft from the ceiling? I'm referring to the standard white ceiling w/ the 'popcorn acoustic' layering.

    I've got a Conquest X-30, Rattler, Crimson Attack Copter and possibly some smaller pieces.

    I was guessing using some toggle bolts and fishing line?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I use cup hooks and fishing line. So far, I've got my condor, Crimson Copter, Hurricane, Night Adder, Skystriker and Night Boomer hanging. I've never had a 'crash'.
    ....apparently I can't customize for my wants anymore.

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    I've got my stuff hanging from the ceiling too the same way Darko does. The average size gold hooks work well for most of the planes, but for the bigger, heavier items (NAC, Skystriker, Night Raven, etc.) I would recommend using hooks like the ones used for putting up hanging lamps and such.
    I've only ever had one crash. I had the windows open one day and a big gust of wind came through and blew down my Vector jet. Busted the wing, but it wasn't too big of a deal to replace.

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    is there anybody that makes stands for the the old micromachines used to have or my star destroyer and runner have
    Always wanted: Foreign figs, protos and test shots, and vs 1 BATs and parts.

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    I've been using the kind of upholstery tacks and heavy duty upholstery thread that you find at craft stores. Not a crash in ten years. But the hooks sound like the better idea if they twist into the ceiling.


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    Just hooks and fishing line here. You can see some of my planes on my first link using that exact method.

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    I used cup hooks and fishinline to hang mine

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    Where are some good points on a Rattler or Conquest X-30 to attach the fishing line? I'm really wanting to get these hung over the weekend in my office @ home.

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    With the HUGE section of the basement at my new place that I can devote to the Joe/Star Wars collection, pretty much any aircraft that isn't on the Flagg is getting strung up.

    Hey Gemini, what strength of fishing line do you use?


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