Had some deals fall through, so a lot of this is still for sale
$8 Ace v1 nice shape complete
$4 Ace v.3 (green) nice shape
$7 Admiral Keel Haul from the flagg - minor paintwear on boots
$1 Airtight – broken crotch minor paint wear
$7.50 BBQ 100% complete mint
$7 Beach Head mint complete except gun
$3 Beachhead v.1 broken satchel and backpack mint except broken crotch
$1 Big Boa - broken crotch
$1 Blowtorch v.1 has green paint on body
$5 Bull Horn mint
$2 Cobra Commander v.3 w/hose
$2 Cobra Commander v.9 mint
$2 Cobra Commander v.10 mint complete
$2 Cobra Commander v.10 mint complete
$4 Countdown v.2 MOC very nice card
$4 Crazy Legs complete except stock
$3 Darklon - paintwear
$2 Destro v.3 mint
$2 Dojo mint
$4 Dial Tone v.1 mint complete w/FC minor dirt on backpack
$2 Dice mint
$3 Duke v. 14
$3 Duke v.3
$3 Dusty v.3 mint
$5.50 Electric Eel mint complete
$18 98 Firefly mint complete
$3 General Hawk v.1 mint
$3 Grid Iron mint
$2 Gung Ho v.3
$2 Gung Ho v.12 mint complete
$7 Flint v.1 Complete mint w/FC
$3 Flint v.1 nice shape
$3 Flint v.1 nice shape
$4 Lady Jaye
$4 Lady Jaye
$2.50 LAW w/ uzi and helmet
$4 Lifeline mint w/FC complete except missing pistol
$1 Lift Ticket paint wear
$2 Lowlight v.3 mint
$6 Motor Viper complete mint w/ FC
$5 Motor Viper mint complete
$1 Mirage v.2 mint
$9 Nullifier mint with visor
$4 Roadblock v.2 Complete mint w/ FC
$3 SAW viper some paintwear
$2 Scrap Iron minor paint wear
$2 Sea Slug paint mint
$20 Serpentor v.1 mint complete very nice cape
$8 Serpentor v.1 mint complete except for cape
$3 Sgt. Slaughter v.2
$2 Slice v. 4 mint complete
$32 Snake Eyes v.2 mint complete (timber’s back leg is broken other than that – super nice)
$8 Snake Eyes v.3 mint complete
$4 Snake Eyes v.4
$3.50 Snake Eyes v.10 mint complete
$3.50 Snake Eyes v.11 mint compete
$2 Snow Job
$1 Snow Storm v.b
$2 Stalker v.2 mint
$32 Storm Shadow v.1 minor yellowing good symbol complete except bow
$1 Storm Shadow v.3
$22 Stormshadow 1997 mint complete
$3.50 StormShadow v.7 mint complete
$2 Topside mint
$2 Torch
$3 Tunnel Rat wave 3 mint complete
$40 Viper v5 1997 Viper Team figure mint complete with Flight Pod and Aerial Mine in Grey Camo
$7 Viper v6 mint complete still in package
$7 Viper v6 mint complete still in package
$2 Wetsuit v.1 mint
$2 Wetsuit v.3 mint
$5 Wild Weasal - very nice shape
$2 Xamot (with scar)
$4 Zandar complete mint w/ FC
$3 Zartan v.3 mint complete
People Parts
gung Ho v1 - legs
dial tone v1 - everything but the crotch
falcon - legs
Mainframe v1 - everything but faded
Sneek Peak - everything but faded and dirty
Quick Kick - everything but the crotch
Zandar - everything but the crotch and head
Condor – front cab w/ windshield canopy, bomb & landing gears, extra landing gears
Mobile Command Center – unbroken original front windshield
Havoc - nearly everything to complete yours.
Skystriker X-14 parts engine, landing gears
Snake - body, legs, attachments, arm, connectors
Terror Drome – inner walls
Sharc - windshield
WHALE missile launcher unbroken w/4x missiles, sea sled w/ canopy glued on new wheels still on sprue
lots of parts to HAL, Silver Mirage, Sky Hawk, HQ '83 and more PLEASE ASK
Also have some gijoe cards I will give away with each purchase (lightfoot,blocker,golobulus,brawler,specialmissio ns scoop, grunt, sierra gordo, desert scorpian, specialmissions showdown, tripwire, major bludd, paralyzer, clean sweep)

$12 TradePaperBack #1 (ARAH1-10)
ARAH Regular Line $o.45 each
#50 -52,54- 60,62-64,70,73,74
Special Missions #1-12, 14-16, 18, 24,26,27 multiples of some of these
IMO the 'best' Joe series. Lots of great action and October Guard galore!
Euro Missions 1,4,11 $.75 each
Yearbook #3,4
Action Force MAG #1#2#3#4 $3 and Snake Eyes Holiday Special $5 Some of these have cool posters in them.
Dreamwave Transformers v. GIJOE #1 -6 $o.75 each

$4 James Bond Nightfire
$4 Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater
$4 No One Lives Forever 2
$5 Max Payne
$15 Max Payne 2: the Fall of Max Payne
Thundarr the Barbarian - complete
Droids - complete w/extras
SW original trilogy