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    Ohhhhhhh midnight blue would be really cool. Maybe even the dark red.

    Just the bright orange and yellow (and the equally as bright yellow pilot) just scream the line-killing 90's neon all over again.

    It's a would-have-been-good kinda vehicle.......just the colors ruin it. It looks like a bumblebee LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra-La La Larry
    Way to be respectful of other people's opinions. Show some manners.

    Thank you for being respectful of my opinion.

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    it woulds been cool also if it was all black with a red canopy and red missles! a Night Force Invasion Sub/Jet! like the SHARC!

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    Talking It's all good.

    The colors were one of my complaints too, I can live with em though since the main ship is black. I'm not sure about this... but maybe I'll buy one specificly to paint-mod. The yellow stripes are painted on the black plastic... so there's nothing that would keep me from making the whole thing a solid color.. or even giving it a more ww2 style paintjob with open mouth Snake or something up front... or even removing the stripes making the whole thing black... or even painting over the stripes (maybe dark blue?) and leaving the rest black.

    There's definitely plenty of room for full on customization since the vehicle is screwed together and should come apart pretty easily into separate sections.

    As far as the colors, like em or not, atleast every color on the main vehicle matches up to some other part added on. So it's very co-ordinated as far as color goes (even if we're seeing Neon colors.. which.. it is a neo-viper ).

    Black - Main color of ship, color of parts on figure, rear caps on bombs, canope top, Cobra logo on outside top tail fins

    Orange - Tail fins, front gun, interior seat

    Light-Orange - center of bombs, top of tail stripes, light top of canope

    Yellow- main color of figure, stripes on plane, front caps on bombs, canope glass

    Crimson - Front of ship's cobra logo, cobra logo on figure & figures belt buckle

    Gray - part of landing gear and underside, wing mounted missiles, missile incannon

    Very co-ordinated indeed.

    I kind of figured most people would chime in how much they dislike the vehicle. Heck I actually laughed at it the first time I saw it in stores. However it definitely is pretty cool and the overall playability it has.. far outweighs the negatives. After getting it I feel kind of stupid for laughing at the vehicle. I'm just glad they (the local Walmart) didn't sell out of em before I watched the VvV movie.

    One thing I would like to add to the overall review which I forgot to mention but don't want to edit back in.

    The canope is easy to remove and actually removes in a way that keeps it from getting easily broken. No wussie tabs on this canope. This thing was built for play.
    :D Yo Joe! :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Orange
    Thank you for being respectful of my opinion.
    I'd respect it if you could post politely instead of slamming the thing right after someone got done talking about how much they liked it. Try a little tact and manners next time.

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    I mostly agree with the point Agent Orange was trying to get across, even if it did come off a bit harsh. And it is kinda the opposite of this thread. When I first saw the vehicle (before it was released) I thought it was kind of cool, except I was hoping they would change the colors. Of course, the common thinking back then was this was a sub. I have no use for it as an aircraft. I still wanted to like it, and opened one up and messed with it, and I am really disappointed with it. The garish colors are only secondary, just the overall design I felt was very poor, and I am even more disappointed with I was with the Cobra Treadfire once I opened it. Sorry guys!
    Stupidity should be painful.
    She's gone from suck to blow!

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    Thank you for being respectful of my opinion.
    yeah, you gotta be kidding.

    somebody atarts talking about how much they like something, and you go and say
    "it's pure garbage"

    no respect gets no respect.
    way unecessarily harsh.

    no matter how close to right you are. (hehe, the paint job is silly)
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra-La La Larry
    I'd respect it if you could post politely instead of slamming the thing right after someone got done talking about how much they liked it. Try a little tact and manners next time.


    I see you have been appointed morality police to these boards. Since you have voluntarily assumed that position, please assist me by telling me in what way my comments lacked "tact" or showed poor manners?

    nightc1 likes the Battle Hornet. That is fine with me. He posts often on these boards and seems to be a very helpful and honest guy. Did I call him an idiot for expressing his opinion? Did I tell him that he must change his opinion? Of course not. That is what these boards are for - exchanging facts and opinions. He did not appear to be insulted by my comments - he obviously realized they were directed to the Battle Hornet and to Hasbro.

    I slammed the Battle Hornet because I believe it deserves to be slammed. I don't like it. I think it was a waste of resources. I am not alone. I have the same rights to post that belief that anyone else has to post theirs. Likewise, there are new vehicles that I absolutely love - quite a few, indeed. The Thunderwing, Humvee, Sting Raider, and Ice Sabre top my list.

    And what of timing? nightc1 posted that he liked it in expressive terms. I then posted that I didn't in equally expressive (if more succinct) terms. What could be more civil?

    No, Cobra-La La Larry, I would have to say that it was your comments (and the ones of those that sought to ride your coat-tails) that showed a lack of manners. Your attack was directed at me personally - my attack was at a soulless piece of plastic. But you know what - that's OK. I am a forgiving person. It can be water under the bridge.

    I have noticed lately, however, that rudeness is starting to become a bit endemic to these boards. Folks gang up on those with alternate opinions, and others seek out to help only their own ego and the value of their prized collections of cheap plastic. People sound like broken records as they expound "new sculpts suck" or "no more reissues" over and over and over. We know the folks I am talking about.

    But you know what - as long as they stay on the good side of the moderators, that's their right.

    They do not have the right, however to launch personal attacks on those with alternate opinions.
    Last edited by Agent Orange; 09-21-2004 at 07:29 PM.

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    this went OT real fast! everyone is entitled to there opinions! and even if it was harsh, it wasnt directed at anyone in particular but towards a toy he dosent like! agent orange, how would you change the toy to make it better? diffrent colors? better driver? wings?

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    BTW, i am actually goina paint a few of them in diffrent schemes!

    1. Night Force- all black with dyed red canopy
    2. Tigerforce- tinted canopy
    3. Python Patrol- red dark tinted canopy
    4. creat my own subfaction


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