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    That really sucks. To be honest, the $5 2pks are what helped me 'get back into Joes' again. Oh least I snagged the Electric EEL before the price went up.

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    Thanks for the info on the TCG starter sets, I will try and pick one up. I located #3 at my Super Wal-mart last week. It was great to finally find it. As for the price, I think it is still a good deal, IMO.

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    flywheels, the $5 2-packs are what got me back into buying figures regularly. Now my main cheap purchases will be the $2 singles at Family Dollar.

    I checked the other two local walmarts.. and sure enough prices are up there as well. However one of em had restocked on everything from the 2-packs with electric eels to the ones with Destro & Kamakura and even the one with the baroness. I bought the Destro/Kamakura pack since it had two figures I really wanted... but I think that's all I want from the current line of figures in 2-pack form. I also grabbed a couple single packs of the Corps! Justin Case figure (good figure for army building IMO).
    :D Yo Joe! :D


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