Joe Figure stands?

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    Joe Figure stands?

    I need about 20 Stands. Is there a place on line that I can get them For figures that are 82 to 83 that wont snap their feet? I tried using one on a Cobra Officer and the prestine figs foot snapped......

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    Happened to a near mint BAT & a mint Cobra Officer that I had

    you can try for the figure stands

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    Quote Originally Posted by donsbabyboo
    Happened to a near mint BAT & a mint Cobra Officer that I had

    you can try for the figure stands
    NO! The stands broke the foot of my 1982 Zap figure. The pegs are slightly too big for the really old figures. Otherwise, I would have sold KING twenty of my smalljoes stands (I have about 50 extras)

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    Has anyone tried just sanding the foot peg on a stand? Seems like it woudn't take but a few seconds of work to either sand or file (maybe even with a fingernail file) the pegs down a little to get them to not be so darn snug.

    Just a suggestion and question. Seems like this would solve both problems since I haven't seen any specific stands for the 82-83 Joes.
    :D Yo Joe! :D

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    Unhappy Vehicle pegs can snap too!

    That doesn't only happen with the stands. I tried to put a 86 Viper on the back of a 89 Hiss III and it cracked as well. This has happened to me several times over the years. So I have learned not to even try with my more precious figures.

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    I have a lot of the Smalljoes stands myself and never had a problem with them. I have had that same cracking problem with a Hasbro figure stand. I really can't blame any particular stand for it, just the figure itself. It happens.

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    I agree that is a great place to get figure stands. Theirs even actually seem to be of a bit higher quality than those from Hasbro. And they are dirt cheap.

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    UH OH!!! I seem to have been misunderstood...
    I am not blaming smalljoes at all for what happened to my vintage figs
    am blaming the fact my figures that are 15+ years old became somewhat

    I buy stuff from smalljoes all the time, so plz dont let anybody misinterpret
    my original post on this thread!!!

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    Yeah, don't get me wrong. stands are good for the price, and are of high quality. They're just not perfect for every Joe figure, but that does not detract from the quality of the stands. When I run out of the 250 that I ordered, I'll definately buy more.

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    king all you had to do was ask my man!

    hehe drop me a line if you still need some


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