McDonalds figures READ!!!

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    McDonalds figures READ!!!

    This week I picked up the MCD'S Cobra Commander and Duke.They are not as bad as they looked in pics.The CC has a good amount of red and looks good with my Crimson copter and Night Adder set up.The backpack,if cut apart could be good for dio parts.The head sculpt for duke is pretty good the rest is junk,but the head can be made to fit with other bodies.However they don't come with guns,I understand that Mcdonalds doesn't want to promote gun violence.Although instead of the lame backpacks couldn't CC come with a staff,Duke come with comm. stuff,Mindbender with test tubes,and Snake Eyes with chicken nuggets?How about file cards for these guys?I learned a lot about reading from reading FC's and comics.I'm all for this promotion and understand it's for the kids,and they will keep joe alive.However I don't think this plan was well done.As a kid I would have thought of these things,and I still would have bought them.I would have enjoyed them more and been educated more with some changes.I'm not saying there bad, but C'mon this was not thought out well enough.ALL COMMENTS ARE WELCOME TO THIS THREAD, EVEN NEGATIVE ONES.

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