New Custom Cobra Symbol

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    New Custom Cobra Symbol

    I made this today and I wanted to share it with all of you. You will see this being used very soon in my very first DIO! YEAH! I am so excited anyway, enjoy the symbol of Cobra General
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    I think you are supposed to post this in Customs and Fan Creations section, not toys.

    that being said, I am assuming you posted it for critiques, so at the risk of offending you I will do so.

    I'm not feeling it. the dripping blood effect I think you were going for seems very B-movie-ish and out of place, and the skull just makes it way too busy. perhaps you could incorporate the two ideas and make the Cobra face more resemble a skull and add the firery effects around the entire symbol it may look better. than you won't even need the blood.

    too much going on is my opinion.

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    Punisher, Ghost Rider, Cobra...too busy.
    Place message here...

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    i think the blood is going in the right direction, but the skull is a bit to comedic.
    maybe a different, smaller, meaner skull.
    not bad !
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    I'm glad to see you experimenting on your own with this stuff. It takes time to learn how to make some slick custom art... and I want to encourage you to keep at it.

    An alternate idea to this one though...

    How about a Skull with a cobra symbol emblazened in it's forehead

    Now that would be slick.

    I bet yours though looks pretty good printed out. Are you using this on a flag ... as a symbol on a wall... ????
    :D Yo Joe! :D

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    I am going to be using it as a flag hanging on a wall! I like your idea too. I think I will play around with that.

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    Except for the dripping blood I like it.


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    I agree with gunslinger. The skull looks like it was added on without really being incorporated into the design. Keep working at it, it shows huge amount of potential.


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