Which One Do you like Better......... ?


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    Which One Do you like Better......... ?

    Which Do you like better ? The Rolling Thunder, or The General ?..
    Both have:
    -4 twin gun seats.
    -A huge rocket launcher
    -A communication room
    -A small vehicle
    -Big wheels
    -Double front cockpits/driver seats
    -and can hold a good amount of figures

    For me , It's a toss. I like them both equally..... What about you guys


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    Red face

    Rolling thunder just way cooler. It's longer, sleeker and doesn't look like a launch gantry. Plus, it has two huge missiles. No contest in my opinion. The general just looks goofy.
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    I like both tho if I had to chose. I would go with the Rolling Thunder. Just prefer the design better.

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    Rolling Thunder
    Selling out! LMK what you need!

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    Neither is high on my list of favorites, but I see the possibility of someday aquiring a Rolling Thunder. I will probably never own a General. It just does nothing for me.
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    Gah, that is a tough one.

    I mean, the General has working lights and a helipad. But the RT's got the sweet missile thing going (what the **** ARE those anyway??? ICBMs???)

    Add to the fact that the RT would be more maneuverable in the field. . .or on the road.

    One thing's for sure, the Rolling Thunder had a way better commercial


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    i have both of these, and they're both pretty cool , but the rolling thunder is waay coller and more practical imnsho.

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    I have actually been lucky enough to talk to the former hasbro designer who created both of those pieces. He designed the General first, which was originally called the Rolling Thunder. The person in charge at the time canned him design, calling it a rolling hibachi. It got shelved. The design for the real Rolling Thunder was based on the Colonial marines APC from Aliens. He said he saw the movie and loved the design, so he started a vehicle based on it when another person in charge (I don't think it was the same guy) was saying "we need something full or guns!! And missiles!! Bristling with missiles! and BIG missiles!!" So, he added as much firepower as possible to the RT that he could, some he said was almost a joke but still made it to the final design.

    The General concept was found again 2-3 years later by a different person in charge, who loved the design. They had to downsize it, it was originally soooo big, it would not fit through a door. They also added the hinged aircraft pads. The designer left joe the next year to work on Tonka and Playskool.
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    I see the Rolling Thunder as being based in reality. I saw a Soviet ICB Remote missile launcher that looked dead similiar. The General on the Other looks like something more futuristic like it belongs on Mars or something. I love the Rolling Thunder because it is sleaker and narrower; it isn't as broad as the General. I'd go with the Rolling Thunder.

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    I don't have the General (and likely never will) so I can't give an accurate opinion. But after seeing pics of the General, I have to say I like the Rolling Thunder better. How can you not like something with 2 big honking missiles in it?


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