What do you think about these Diorama sets?


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    What do you think about these Diorama sets?

    I ordered a couple of these from smalljoes.


    I think the watch tower and all the accessories is great for dioramas.

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    I ordered some of them too...won't know 'till they get here, but they look pretty nice. I'm really into playsets/dios though, so I'm a bit biased. I'm more excited about the communication tent thing then the tower, but who knows which will end up being better.
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    They look pretty good. I was in KB the other day and was looking at the 3 3/4 World Peace keepers line or whatever they are called and I saw that they are going to be issuing a headquarters or base - it actually looks ok.

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    There okay but seem alittle cartoony.


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