Hey There, I have a pretty large collection up for sale. I don't have picks yet because I just made up my mind to sell everything. I'd like to sell the entire collection to one buyer for a very good price. I'm in the Army and move around alot and I'm going back to Iraq for a year and just don't have the time to mess around with it any more. Anyway the collection has new and used stuff some of my MOC Figs include: The entire Sky Patrol, Saw Viper, Lightfoot, Gung Ho (a 90's ver), mainframe (org.), 5 TRU Cobra Infantry teams (two more new but opened), and one of the most pop Strom Shadow (org. but the card is not in the best shape but it is MOC) I'm just tierd of having to lug it all and to be honest I don't do anything with it! So, I just want to get rid of it all. I'm stationed at Ft. Stewart, Ga so if anyone in the area see's this and wants to take a look at it let me know. I'll take some pics or be happy to ans any Q's you have. Here's the deal.....I've put in over 3,000 dollars in this collection in the last five years. I have a bunch of cobra army builders CG's, 86Vipers, Bats, Teh Vipers, Eels,and Ice vipers, Snow serpants, and many more of the new cobras that are worth probally 8 9 hundred alone I'll sell everything Joes Cobras and V's to enclude a complete Flagg for a 1,000 flat. I just want to get rid of it all and wanted to sell it here to a true collector not some guy who is going to make three or four times as much selling it off on e-bay. Let me know. You can e-mail your q's to [email protected] or on this thread Thanks for your time. Dave Boyle