Your thoughts on the 1985 "Triple Win" offer cardbacks.

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    Your thoughts on the 1985 "Triple Win" offer cardbacks.

    Carded figure collectors, what are your thoughts on the "Triple Win" offer moc's? Are they considered less desirable than the non offer 2D Joe moc's? I have been slowly collecting 2D logo Joe moc's and for some reason I don't care for the look of the Triple Win offer on the cardbacks. I also feel the insert in the bubble detracts from the over all appearance of the piece. Agree, disagree, or just don't care? I would love to hear your thoughts and views.
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    Really? No one has an opinion either way?? How about 2D logo vs. 3D logo? Doc you prefer one over the other for earlier characters?

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    I hate offers - well, I hate sticker offers. I give a complete pass to the triple win ones though. Since they are printed on and far more discrete than let's say a fridge offer, they don't bother me. I have many with triple wins.

    And I only collect peach characters on peach cards. I just prefer them that way.
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    My goal is to try and get one of every carded figure. The few offers I pass on are the ones that include paint ( I dont want that paint popping open somehow in the future), and the versions that include the mini figures (I just feel the added mini figure takes away from the look of the card). Triple win, The fridge offer, Super Trooper offer, Command Ring, Battle Ribbon, etc are all fine by me.

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    I sorta fall into dockingbay's line of thinking on this one. The camouflage inserts and stickers are among the worst imo.


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