Help for someone starting out.

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    Help for someone starting out.

    Hi, I'm looking at starting to collect MOC figures from 1985 to 1992, starting with the ones I had as a kid.

    Where is the best place to get them from? I started out looking at but everything I've seen on ebay and other websites is way above the prices on that site.

    So hopefully you guys on here know is the price guide an accurate reflection of what they are worth or is most of the stuff on ebay just overpriced since it's sold by toy dealers?

    I'm from New Zealand and here the selection is literally about twenty figures and only two pre 1992.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Cheers, Joel.

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    I'd check out Final Frontier toys. Their prices are a bit high, but their quality is top notch. If you are patient, you can get some very nice ungraded figures at decent prices.

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    I should also add that if you take the time to look through their entire carded figure section, you will find plenty of nice moc's for under $100. Hope that helps!
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    I mostly buy my stuff on ebay...there are very nice MOC's sometimes

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    I have a pretty much complete run from 82-87ish. I got most of mine from eBay. It takes some shopping but it can be done.

    Unfortunately we are at a point where either figures are locked up in collections or have genuinely raised in price. Realistically it is very hard to find any 82-85 on peach for less than a $100. Most are closer to $200 at least.
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