What if customs #1


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    What if customs #1

    Remember those old school catalog dioramas? What if during the early 90's, Hasbro retained that format for their catalogs? What if in the ealry 90's, Hasbro did not feel the need to compete with other toylines? What if Hasbro had not decided to use gimmicks on their toys? What if Hasbro did not use neon on GIJoe?

    I present my What if Customs series: Customs inspired by these questions and presented in the old school catalog diorama format.

    First up:

    Super Sonic Fighters

    Creator's notes: Most, if not all, my customs involve replacing neon and other bright colors with more sensible and traditional hues while still retaining the original scheme and intent of the figures. Orange becomes brown, neon green becomes olive drab green, and so on and so forth.

    I also wanted to retain some of the gimmicks like the spring loaded launcher. They could be fun and acceptable if done right. Zap's mortar is realistic and yet has a spring firing mechanism.

    - JM

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    Talking still would have

    Died. We of the 80s age were gettin old cllege job that's another reason I don't think at all it died just because of the neon. Look at transformers molds weren't too bad and didn't work too much with neon. Again we just got older can't help aging.


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