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    They were never as popular as Snake Eyes or Storm Shadow but they WERE popular and not super easy-to-find if you lived in a small town. They were never peg-hangers like Crystal Ball, Tele-Viper, Lifeline, etc.. The seller who is going to get $36+ is super-lucky. I usually get around $15-$17 apiece for them (unbroken and complete). Their gun is popular because it's flat-out cool-looking, the missile stand is popular because it can be hard to find, and the fanny pack is often broken. All of this adds up to a pretty sought-after figure.

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    Wow, I haven't really been on the board in forever, but I found this thread. What an amazing story.

    In the back of my mind when I was playing the buy/sell game I played this scenario out in my mind...."what if someone cornered the market on a specific item?" For me it was the CG's.

    We've seen it in action since this whole resurgence began, the items that are rare, we sell and pay more for. It's just the nature of the beast.

    To have someone purposefully manipulate such a large segment of the market goes beyond fascinating in my book.

    Cheers and I do hope Erich continues to update us.

    PS. The calm voices of reason and level headedness of the majority of our members is something to be proud of.

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    Hi everyone!

    Every so often I check this thread to see if there have been any new comments. Oddly it never really occurred to me that people would be waiting for me to "weigh in". Although in hindsite that should have been obvious, since it's basically about me. So here is the update:

    1. I am closing in on 100,000 complete snow serpents. I use multiple channels to purchase with eBay being the most public way.
    2. On Ebay, I have won 82.43% of all auctions since January 1st 2015.
    3. The max price currently paid for a complete with file card is $22, without a file card it's $18
    4. My average price this year on ebay for over 800 auctions is $20.14 for complete w file card and $15.13 for complete no file card
    5. You will see many sellers like Antigulisa (sp) who wish they could get $28 to $34 for a complete with file card, but they literally never sell
    6. You can refer to a posting a few months ago where someone on this board pretended they could command higher prices for whatever reason but when I offered him $50 via pay pay for any proof of such (I literally knew there was none) he/she disappeared.
    7. The price for a complete peaked in 2014 at a little under $42, when I started taking measures to stop people from false bidding me up by making max purchase price dynamic. It wasn't as much fun for them when they won a few auctions
    8. Four bidders that I know of had their bidding rights suspended from ebay for their actions, which I thought was interesting and a little surprising that eBay would do that. It proves ebay does have quality control I guess.
    9.lowering my winning percentage to 80% targeted has also lowered the average sales price(not really surprising if you think about it)
    10. I intend to keep buying until all channels stop selling.
    11. I purchase 5 snow serpents for every 1 public auction through private channels at this point. It saves sellers fees and is quicker for them. It's amazing how many people literally reach out cold, which I'm happy they do. It saves them time and money and me as well.
    12. You will see 60 to 70 buy it now listings on ebay at any given time. They are usually at silly prices....I guess they remember the glory day prices of mid 2014! In any event those sellers serve a huge purpose and I am grateful for them. Why they never sell their product, they do increase the perceived value of the items I buy.
    13. If anyone has specific questions, just ask or email and I'm happy to answer (although no, I can set up and take pictures of this many snow serpents, it would take months and my huskies would eat them....no joke)
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    Incredible. Thanks for the update. I love this thread.

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    It's been seven months since an update, would love to hear what's happening now.

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    Me as well. Kinda lines up with the tracking website I have going.

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    I see he's still buying these Snow Serpents. But I don't understand why he can't take some pics of them boxed or whatever, I know setting them up would be crazy (if he has that many). But I'd just like to see at least some pics of what a 100,000 Snow Serpents look like..

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    What a weird thread. I mean, seems like a terrible investment. What happens if you need to liquidate it? Suddenly 100,000 Snow Serpents flood the market and the value tanks.

    He probably collects more as an obsession than an investment. But that seems crazy. Like literally. I have maybe 20 Vipers and I think that's way too much and feel kinda silly about it.

    On the other hand it probably makes him happy. That's why I buy Joes. And I don't know why it makes me happy, it just does.

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    Yeah as an investment not to best. And lets just add up the amount he said he's spent on average for the complete Snow Serpents, so take his average price of $20 x 100,000 = $2,000,000!!! And if you go with the $15 for the complete without Cards it's $15 x 100,000 = $1,500,000!!!
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    It's been a while...i still see most snow serpents on ebay with at least a bid from e**c....any updates? How many have you aquired at this point?


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