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    Talking Question about submitting figure images

    I remember reading on this board while lurking that casual visitors to the site can submit better images of certain figures if they have them. To what extent does this apply?

    For example, if I were to send higher-res front and back pics of the Bio-Viper and Monstro-Viper than are already on the site, would that count? (For one thing, the front and back shot would be different, at least). Or if I had a rare variant that I had the guts to take *out* of its packaging, could I take front and back pics of it and send them in? What about older figures wherein the only images of them are low-res and the figures in question have paint chips?

    And finally, in the "Toys commonly mistaken for G.I. Joe," if I discover a new kind of bootleg/knockoff, may I submit images of those, too?


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    We are always looking for upgraded pictures (better quality, more complete images, etc), they can be submitted to [email protected].

    What happens in those cases is that we'll keep the original image credit on the figure page, and then say Additional Images from the collection of: Whomever. Nothing against the original submitter, we still appreciate the effort of sending the picture in, but the goal is to have the best and most complete pictures.

    Bootlegs, yes, we are interested in any new bootleg line that is based on G.I.Joe or uses G.I.Joe molds in any way.

    Right now I'm about 2 weeks behind on adding images, so don't be surprised if there is a bit of a delay! Now that I've got the new figures added, I'm currently working on adding a lot of Battle Corps carded front and back pics, and the ever growing Dan Moore wing of YoJoe!

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    Excellent! As soon as I can snag a digital camera, I'll send

    1. Pictures of the "Police SWAT Team" bootlegs that I found at the grocery store

    2. Uncarded front and back pics of a Mexican Carcass repaint

    3. Better-resolution front and back pics of the Monstro-Viper and Bio-Viper

    And while I'm at it, do you want the same for Golobulus?

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    I haven't even started on my bootlegs or paperwork--I know I've got at least 50 paper items that aren't on the site. I'll see if I can post more pics over the four-day weekend.....sorry!

    Dan Moore
    My Want List: Email me at dmooretoys @ (remove spaces) and let's deal!

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    To add on to this Jeff, is there any interest in adding pictures of vehicles, etc. with Canadian markings? I believe most pictures on the site are of Vehicles, etc. with USA markings on them. I am sure there are a lot of members here that would be happy to submit photos of vehicles, etc. with Canadian markings if you would like to expand that direction.

    Also, I see almost all of the new stuff that is added to the site has your name attached to it as being the one that submitted it. All I can say is you must have one heck of a budget to grab everything that comes out. Thanks to you and everyone else involved in keeping things updated.

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    I posted that list here specifically so I'd be obligated to do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ridureyu
    I posted that list here specifically so I'd be obligated to do it.
    If you are replying to my post about my bootlegs don't worry--I don't have any of the items you mentioned, and even if I did I wouldn't post pics of them since you wanted to. I do have some other bootlegs that I will post pics of, though.

    My Want List: Email me at dmooretoys @ (remove spaces) and let's deal!

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    sorry - I mean, my post about what I'm doing is so that I won't forget to post them when I get ahold of a camera! It had nothing to do with you. Basically,

    Rid states what he will do = Rid does it

    Rid uses no specifics = Rid forgets about it in three working days.

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    Update: I have the items, and should be able to use a camera tonight The only problem is, the Bio-Viper that I picked up to replace the one that I lost from my childhood (Waaaaah) has a slightly damaged tentacle. I should be able to conceal that fact in the pictures, though.

    (edit) The pictures have been sent. PM me if they don't arrive.
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    Jeff, just curious if you or another staff could address my above question when you get a chance (see post #5 in this thread). Thanks in advance!


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