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    Well knock me down and call me sally!

    Your right the Manta did come with a missile.

    See, I'm learning stuff EVERYDAY...

    Others to add to the list...

    Capt. Grid Iron has knee pads

    Desert Scoprion's have digger things, he ALSO came with a missile

    Firebat has belly guns/cannons (mine did not, now I'm looking for them!)

    Y Pins really are shapped like a y and go to the Flagg (thought it was a
    crutch for something else)

    Deck Clips really serve a purpose! (I'm a Flagg newbie)

    Hose length matters...

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    Quote Originally Posted by orionlukteel

    3. Sometimes people put Storm Shadow v.1's nunchucks inside his backpack. The backpack also folds out into a third seat...
    wHAt In THe heCK DiD YoU meAn bY tHaT?? THIRD SEAT??
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    Quote Originally Posted by CobraGang
    wHAt In THe heCK DiD YoU meAn bY tHaT?? THIRD SEAT??
    Whoops - sorry - thought I was selling a minivan...
    Just a little orionlukteel sarcastic silliness...

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    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    Flagg discoveries...

    I only this year came into possession of my first Flagg, and the honeymoon continues apace. Every time I put the darn thing together, I notice another cool feature - my discovery, then, was only possible after I got her.

    The tow vehicle towbar mates up perfectly to the 'chin' of the Skystriker. Having grown up on flightlines the world over, this still gives me a warm fuzzy...

    Thanks for the Low-Light thing; I too have tried that every which way, but will now redouble my efforts.

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    I thought that Capt Grid Iron's pads were for his arms......who knew.

    And just what do those Y-pins for the Flagg go to anyways? Does anyone know? I know VERY well what the deck clips are for, but I for the life of me can't figure out what the Y-pins are for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deogg
    I thought that Capt Grid Iron's pads were for his arms......who knew.
    Wait? Aren't they?

    I never knew the the uzi thing for Lowlight until like a few years ago when someone mentioned it. Yet to try it myself.

    I know when I was a kid I threw away the plastic leg things for the inside of the SNAKE armors. I just thought the Cobra Soldiers fit in them. Dumbie!

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    I had always thought that the thing on lowlight leg were wire cutters.

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    The Y pins on the Flagg attach the cabin part onto the deck, although they technically don't do anything as the piece stays securely in place with or without the Y pins.

    I didn't figure out until 2000 or so that the Snow Serpent's missile launcher attached to his backpack.
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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by dockingbay97
    Example: I know some people recently figured out that the Ice Viper sais fit into his leg.
    Wha wha wha?? Got any pix you wanna share with us Nick?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gemini Matrix
    Wait? Aren't they? <abt grid irons pads>
    Am as shocked as GM about this & I would like to disagree about the kneepad/shoulderpad issue, cuz that would REALLY outstretch the clamps wouldnt it??

    RE: Roadblock gunner stand, i stupidly used to have the legs sticking OUTWARDS from the backpack, never did try to stick them inwards until last year...
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