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    Just remembered, I got the mean dog about a year ago, about7 months ago I found out the front opened up, happy to see more drivers spots.
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    Yeah, I figured out that Low-Light one when I was a kid. Initially, I didn't think I did it right because it looks stupid, but apparently I had it. How can one slip quietly through the night when your Uzi gets caught on everything?

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    Wow... I bought a Capt. Grid Iron and his pads came on his knees... I just figured that's where they went. I'll try it the other way and see how that looks.

    Other discoveries...

    The back of the Snow Cat comes off to revel a nice hidding spot for smaller joes.

    You really can fully take the Terror Drome apart without having to unscrew anything...Snap together concept rocks on that thing...

    The Cobra Battle Bunker Missile not only has a stand, but a holder as well, for the missile. For a year, I was just proping the missile with the stand... The holder works so much better!

    Also, does anyone understand why Sub Zero's backpack as the 3 long edges/pegs? I always thought it was for the mortors he had, then found out I was matching HEAT Vipers mortors to Sub Zero...Because HEAT Vipers have the slot in the mortor... Then I find out the real Sub Zero mortors have no slot... It makes no sense...

    Oh and last but not least...Remove the Turret from the HISS 1 and presto, you've got a troop carrier. I use to do this a ton when I was a kid and had turretless HISS 1's...

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    I only recently discovered that Ripper V1's 'Jaws of Life' thingy clips onto the backpack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsmiley007
    Maybe we should have a new cat. on yojoe with pics on how to put weapons on figures?
    I dont think that a new category is necessary, BUT prolly like an upgrade to the current pix, similar to the Anti Venom Lifeline:

    scroll down a bit, and you'll see a link for FIGURE WITH ACCESSORIES

    btw, thx Cobra Island Survivor for those pix, really wish I didnt trade off my Ice Viper & Slaughter's Marauders Lowlight now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by antybots
    I only recently discovered that Ripper V1's 'Jaws of Life' thingy clips onto the backpack.
    See I never even tried that.
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    See, i tried the rippers jaws of life thing lots of times, and cant get it 2 clip on. All these things designed for young children and so many of us cant do them right.

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    I'm with mizak23 also. I got the Mean Dog off of ebay a year or so ago and recently figured out that the front opened for the driver. Gotta look at them blueprints better. I knew about the rest of the stuff except Roadblock. I always had the triod facing out. Go figure.

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    here's one that no body said yet.......get voltars vulture can attach to the peg on his arm
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    I also just recently figured out that Rippers Jaws of Life attach to his backpack. As a kid, after I realized that Cobra Commanders gun fit on his back, I always tried to stick the weapons on to anything that looked like it would work. I can't believe I didn't realize the Ripper thing as a kid. I love this thread, great idea.
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