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    I ve come up with a new one – the small shaft on Charbroil’s backpack is NOT an antenna ; it’s used as a holder for his helmet! Now were you aware of this one?
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    Just a *bump* up to the top - this thread has been very useful in the past, and the Lowlight picture is actually part of the thread.

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    Thanks for some of the info, guys. I already knew about some of these things, and I've learned some stuff too! As for me, It took me a while to figure out that Frag Viper's tube goes from his mask to his backpack, on the peg that is set higher than the rest. I'd just been using it as more grenade storage. I glued his tube to the side of his head! It works, and I haven't lost a grenade yet!

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    Yeah, thanks for the bump Orion, I never saw this thread before! Yeah, I've pretty much always known about Roadblock's tripod fitting onto his backpack, but now I feel foolish for never getting it on there with the legs facing in!
    As far as Low Light, I'm not really convinced that is anything other than a pair of wire/bolt cutters on his leg that you can happen to wedge an UZI sight into. Not just because of how ridiculous the gun looks like that, but mainly because only one sight wedges in there, the rest of the mold doesn't make sense if it was for that.
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    I recently learned the 4 hooks on the tactical battle platform are used for slingloading under helicopters to make it 'transportable'.

    The master race is made of plastic and only 3 3/4 inches tall


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    Quote Originally Posted by sinnister
    I recently learned the 4 hooks on the tactical battle platform are used for slingloading under helicopters to make it 'transportable'.
    That is SWEET! When I get a place where I can hang stuff from the ceiling, I am SO hanging a couple Tomahawks carrying the TTBP. Good info, Tom!

    I may have to track down a couple Retaliators if the Tomahawks won't work. Cuz Locusts sure as heck wouldn't handle it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra_Island_Survivor
    About Psyche-Out's backpack antennae things I have to say that they are the most DANGEROUS joe accessories as they could be choked so easily by kids! Didn't you have any protection rules in America by 1987?

    It would be pretty hard for a kid to choke on parts that were that tiny. There were literally HUNDREDS (if not thousands) of other Joes parts that could choke a kid before those things would. And besides, the packaging always clearly said what age group the toys were intended for.

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    I put the handle to Range Vipers launcher in betrween the antenna on the side of his backpack and it lines up flush. Not what was intended, but it looks cool.
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    This thread is awesomse, but I still disagree with the Lowlight thing. Firstly, it looks absolutely ridiculous, and the "slot" always looked like an extra bipod or wire-cutters to me anyway.
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    First- this is a GREAT thread, I never knew about the Alley Viper backpack.
    Second- thanks Orion for bumping this back.
    The Lowlight debate- I dont think the Uzi is meant to go on his leg, certainly not at that angle. The wire- cutter idea intrigued me. I always saw it as a long magazine for spare rounds, that could be fed in 1 by 1.
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