Dear Diary... the game!!

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    Talking Dear Diary... the game!!

    - Write a post as if a GIJoe, Cobra, Dreadnok etc was writing in his/her diary or journal. It can be funny, serious, it can be related to other posts on THIS thread...

    1> Keep it clean, Keep it fun
    2> Once a boardmember calls dibs on a character, NOBODY ELSE can use him/her... ALTHO a boardmember CAN use multiple characters
    3> Keep this going!!!! You dont have to limit yourself to ONE Character & ONE journal entry, update us on what YOUR character is doing!!

    **NEW RULE AO 04.19.05**
    4> If a character hasnt made an entry for 90 days, he/she/it will be up
    for grabs again to be used by anybody currently participating in this game.

    Characters Used:I will try to keep track of characters already used in alphabetical order to avoid any conflicts

    - Agent Faces aka Crimson Guard #197709 = by Don
    - Alexander = by NightTerror
    - Baroness aka Anastasia = by Ny'Katia
    - BeachHead aka Wayne Sneeden =by NightViperOne
    - Big Boa = by Stampede
    - Big Brawler = by James Strickland
    - Breaker = by zark1976
    - Chief Torpedo = *see Torpedo*
    - Chuckles *Undercover as Dreadnok Knuckles = by Don
    - Cobra Commander =by NightViperOne
    - Cobra Ninja Trooper - codename RECLUSE = by Viper Commander
    - Cobra Viper Python Patrol - codename RAMPAGE *RIP
    - Conrad Hauser = see Duke
    - Corporal Travis R. Flint - Greenshirt rank - new name Stoney? *RIP
    - Crimson Guard Abernathy series #0005 = by Viper Commander
    - Crimson Guard #197709 *see agent faces*
    - Crimson Guard Commando # 000007 = by Viper Commander
    - Crimson Twins <see Tomax &/or Xamot>
    - Destro = by EXZ
    - Dial-Tone = by James Strickland
    - Dr Mindbender see mindbender = by NV1
    - Duke aka Conrad Hauser = Viper Commander
    - Dusty = by James Strickland
    - Extreme = by NightViperOne
    - Falcon = by James Strickland
    - Firefly = by EXZ
    - Flash = by zark1976
    - Flint *RIP*
    - General Flagg aka James L Flagg = by Viper Commander
    - Golobulus = by Don
    - GrandSlam = by zark1976
    - Ice Cream Soldier = by ttfndude
    - Iron Anvil #1 = by Don
    - Jinx = by Saphyrea
    - Law & Order = by Don
    - Lightfoot = by Don
    - LowLight = by Zark1976
    - Lt Col Sure Fire = *see Sure Fire*
    - Lt Falcon = *see Falcon*
    - Meredith Bremmerman = *see Ice Cream Soldier*
    - Mercer = by NightViperOne
    - Metal Head = by NightViperOne
    - Mutt = James Strickland
    - Night Viper 1 aka COVERT = by NightViperOne - natch!!
    - Nullifier #67 aka Porcupine per Baroness = by graz73
    - Nullifier #68 aka Armor-All = by Viper Commander
    - Nunchuk *RIP*
    - Sand Viper 000006 = by Viper Commander
    - Scrap-Iron = by Exz
    - Spearhead & Max = as FLAGG Security
    - Storm Shadow aka Thomas Arashikage = by Viper Commander
    - (Lt Col) Sure Fire = by Don
    - Tele-Viper 697 = by zark1976
    - Tele-Viper 698 *RIP*
    - Tomax = by NightTerror
    - Tommy Arashikage <see Storm Shadow>
    - Torpedo aka Edward Leialoha, also see Chief Torpedo = by Viper Commander
    - Wetsuit, aka Brian Forrest = by NightViperOne
    - Wild Bill = by James Strickland
    - Wraith = by Exz
    - Xamot = *taken over by NightTerror*
    - Zandar = by NightViperOne

    Finally... let the entries begin!!!
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    Dear Diary,

    Duke is wearing his 17th different uniform in the passed 6months. Getting kinda sickening actually seeing him dip his beak into every single sub-group... Night Force, Tiger Force, Anti-Venom, Star Brigade... sheesh, WE GET IT, you're our undisputed leader.

    What about me? The only sub-group Hawk ever assigned me to was the unpopular Eco-Warriors, what the heck does an Eco-Warrior do? Scare away the Cobras with my neon suit?

    Then I finally get a chance to prove my worth by being a Ninja Commando, but they scrapped those plans of expansion before it came into fruition.
    Oh well, at least I still have my Lady Jaye!! ... or do I??

    * - * - *
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    Dear Diary...

    As respect to my family history, I share my thoughts so one day the world will be able to read about me and know me not only as Destro but as a great and powerfull man in which the Baroness loves so much of.

    I was up for a full 24 hours selling AK-47's on the black market. Was so stressed over the fact that the Joes rerailed my cargo shipment of weapons to Africa. They will pay for that with every once of lead I have in my possession.

    But I was so stressed that the baroness decided I needed a break and made me dinner in my castle. She wore this dress that could of made me rust. Her charm eludes me most of the time. Before I close this for the night..

    Cobra Commander wants to have a meeting about the attack on Joe Headquaters. Seems that a storm is coming in with a thick fog.. I can not wait for this storm. Even now as the Baroness calls my name ever so softly I can not rest well till I get my precious cargo back.

    The path of collecting is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil scalpers. Blessed is he who in the name of charity and good will shepherds the lost through the valley of aisles. For he is truly his brothers keeper by leaving one on the peg and I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers collection, and you will know I am a true collector when lay my vengeance upon thee.

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    Dear Diary,
    Another bungled heist this morning, remind me to have ripper flogged. And the family is as ungrateful as ever with Zandar never even bothering to thank me for saving his forgotten self a few months ago, my daughter won't bother to use a little foresight, maybe I should let her Aunt teach her a few things. Oh, and Roadpig... Donald, Whatever he calls himself today... God is that annoying. It's bad enough I lose the dreadnoks train of thought in mid-sentence, But I can't even be sure he was present for the entire sentence. I wish he'd just make up his mind already. On the plus side though, Torch and Burn out are almost though with my new custom bike. Oh, got another contract from Cobra Commander today. It seems I should become a general in the joe army and remind flint He to was part of tiger force, Then (just for fun) promote Duke to General. Oh, and steal the plans for their new thing-a-ma-bobble. What's he planning to do with that thing anyway? Sometimes I wonder why I work for that moron, then I look at my bank account and remember. I remember it's time to see how much Destro pays.

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    Dear Diary,

    Today I continued my work as the director of the private security force that people think is a terrorist organization, and made progress in my dream to become a world-famous rock star. For the first time, Gnawgahyde didn't threaten to shoot me two seconds after I started playing. He waited for five this time. Grandma sent me some cookies in the mail, but they all had bites taken out of them. I wanted fingerprints taken, but that's not necessary since I could see the crumbs on Cobra Commander's hood. Why are they so mean to me? I make this team work! They've gotta know this, because I'm in every cobra plan out there! I even got some field time in when we tried to take over that kindergarten that one time! I reprogrammed my missile launchers to only respond to my voice, but now they fire no matter what I say. I had to turn them off. I'm trying to work up the guts to ask Zarana out, but I don't know if she'll say yes. She spits at me every time I see her, so maybe that's a good sign. And Road Pig wants to bash my brains in. Oh, well, there's always tomorrow!
    -Metal Head

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    Dear diary,

    Another rough day here on Cobra Island. At breakfast the Kitchen Viper burned my eggs, so I shot him and ordered a croissantwich instead. I then attended the morning troop rally, where I noticed Destro and the Baroness playing footsie before excusing themselves for a "strategy meeting". Riiiiight. Visited Dr. Mindbender's lab, where baldy showed me some kind of genetically altered cybernetic plasma powered something or other that will "Destroy GI Joe once and for all!!!". God I wish he'd stay dead. Some new experiment called Venomus Maximus crapped all over the floor and I stepped in it. Met Serpentor in the hallway on my way to get some new boots, tried to duck away before he saw me, but didn't make it. If I never have to listen to the "Frozen Pizza" story again it'll be too soon. One of these days I'll have Zartan put an arrow in him or something. At lunch the Kitchen Viper burned my grilled cheese, so I shot him and got a whopper instead. After lunch I attended the afternoon troop rally, where I noticed Tomax and Xamot playing footsie before excusing themselves. Eeeeeew. Cesspool filled me in on Cobra's middle eastern operations. He used his Star Wars action figures to represent Cobra forces again, but he used Oola as me so I assigned him to clean the Terrordrome toilets instead. Met with Raptor to discuss Cobra's finances. Apparently Croc Master has been making thousands of dollars worth of calls to Miss Cleo. I swear diary, I don't know where we find these people. Then the mail came. It seems that Firefly, Black Dragon, and the Night Creepers all want payment. Fat chance losers! Always collect your pay up front. At dinner the Kitchen Viper cooked my steak to perfection, but I shot him anyway. Settled in to watch some TV, but Zarana and Vypra were having a cat fight in the hallway outside my room. Schwing! Eventually I did have to have it broken up, but not before they tore each other's tops off. Schwing schwing! Tommorrow I've got a meeting scheduled with Big Boa, God I hope he doesn't hug me again. It's just soooo creepy.

    Talk to you tommorrow,
    Cobra Commander
    I need a 2000 Battle Armor Cobra Commander head.

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    Firefly's Mission Log

    Tonight's raid is over.

    The Commander's orders before I left were clear and concise. Surprisingly so. I was ordered to a GI Joe forward surveilance post in Afghanistan. Filthy country, but perfect for concealing a man of my singular talents.

    I watched from several kilometers back as Joe Greenshirts laughed and joked, as they prepared a simple satelite comlink for transmission. This was my mission. Yesterday, the GI Joe desert expert Dusty captured one of Cobra's less savory associates, a man whose name I didn't bother to learn. He doesn't matter enough. What matters is the information the Joes may have learned from him.

    The sat dish is proof. They know something of our operations here.

    I moved closer, sliding along my belly, moving withen the shroud of rough desert sands, a dervish on a mission. The surveilance post is small and poorly guarded. Dusty has left and these Greenshirts are no true GI Joes. They lack the discipline of even the Commander's Viper battalions. They think they are alone. They think they are America's hope.

    I think I will disabuse them of such foolish notions.

    I entered on silent feet. I set my charges. As I disappear back into the sands of the star-lit desert, I see that the Greenshirt Communications officer is yelling at his troops to finish setting up the satelite dish. They must send their information to Joe HQ. I chuckle in the darkness of my heart.

    Just outside the blast range, I take cover. I thumb the controls of my detonator. I breathe in life and exhale death.

    The bomb goes off. Perfectly set, the Commander will be pleased.

    My orders were clear, my mission went well.

    Death was my mission, my mission was met.

    Firefly out.

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    Journal entry 100904

    Strange day today...
    Went to the mess hall to get some grub, but Heavy Duty was up to his strange experimental food again, so I decided to follow Snake Eyes diet of eating just an apple.
    One of the tables that seats the techies, ie Breaker, Mainframe, Tripwire - all became silent as I passed by, as if I was the topic of conversation. Why me?
    I headed over to Alison's table, and she seemed more irritated than anything to see me... cold... distant... All just one word responses...
    Man, i feel like i'm back in highschool all over again...

    On a serious note, another one of our temporary base camps setup in Afghanistan was bombed again. So far nobody is claiming responsibility. Gadd, Dusty was supposed to be head of security over there... slacker... He really SHOULD shower more often, might help his alertness factor.

    Flint, signing out...
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    Cobra Commander wishes that... journal entry or... our daily events.
    Kind of difficult to... your brother always finishes... you.

    Am REALLY irritated at the fact... lighter hue for the new... they are wearing PINK!!! For crying... to be a symbol of dignity in the Cobra Regime... Queer Eye.

    ...XAMOT!!! Queer eye is on right now!!!

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    ... Diary,

    ... we start some sort of... diary to keep track of...
    ... keep the sentences or trail of thought going when... your sentences for...

    ... that Baroness insisted on a... Viper uniforms. Now most of the uniforms look like... OUT LOUD, the color CRIMSON is supposed... and NOT the byproduct of watching too much...

    OOh!! Which reminds me!! TOMAX...

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