Official KREO blind bag trade thread

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    Official KREO blind bag trade thread

    Someone had to start this might as well be me.
    Since we now have no codes on the KREO individual blind bags to go by it is up to us as a community to help each other out.
    Wave 5 for certain has no codes and probably wave 4 as well if it ever shows up.
    If you get duplicates or triplicates surely someone else will too.
    None of us are the Great Carnac and holding up a KREO package to our forehead won't yield the greatest results.

    Hopefully we can get this stickied and help each other out.

    Just post what you have to trade in this thread.
    If someone wants what you have and vice versa, you can then post in the thread your desires.
    Then you can complete the trade via PM.
    Good luck and Good hunting! ( who said that?)

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    Update: As of 10/13/2014 - don't need any...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmc008 View Post
    I have all of wave 5, will trade for all of wave 4 when it comes out. Each case yields 2 complete sets. So buy a case, open them all to verify and trade your other set. My suggestion anyway...
    I can confirm this in Arizona. I bought a case of 24 and ended up with exactly 2 sets (sold one immediately). I believe I have 8 more figures en route from a trade and might be able to help others.
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    Looking to trade for wave 4 & 5 Kreons.

    Wave 4 NEEDS:
    Air Adventurer

    Wave 5 NEEDS:

    Wave 4 HAVES:
    Wet Suit

    Wave 5 HAVES:
    Ninja Ku
    Battle Damage B.A.T.
    Cobra Driver
    Human Bullet (x2)
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    Human Bullet x2
    Battle Damage BAT
    2x Ninja Ku
    wave 2 78 (Land Adventurer) sealed
    wave 2 79 (Mutt & Junkyard) sealed
    wave 2 80 (Flash) sealed
    Wild Bill in baggie

    Wave 1: Alley Viper, Axe Ninja (pamphlet only), Rock N Roll, Adventure Team Commander
    Wave 5: Driver, Zarana
    Budo's left arm
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    Great thread!!

    I have:
    MISB Wave 1: Jinx (#80) x 1
    MISB Wave 1: Quick kick (#82) x 1
    MISB Wave 1: Torpedo (#86) x 1
    Loose Cobra officer x 1
    MISB Wave 2: BAT (#58) x 3
    MISB Wave 2: EELS (#86) x 1

    I want:
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    Ok, I went ahead and made this thread sticky so it's always here for us. All I ask is that you come back and edit your list when things get traded or found. And if you want to make a deal just PM the guy that has something you want, don't make a new post. Let's try to keep this thread slim so we can all go through it easy and find what we're looking for.


    Here's my list. Basically looking for Army Builders from any wave. But happy to have cash too. $3.75 each +shipping.
    Iceberg x2
    Bullet Head
    Lifeline x3
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    Some of these might be pending from some of you guys, but I thought I'd post this anyway. Here's my list:
    Here's my want list:

    Series 4
    Night Viper
    Cobra Bazooka Trooper

    Here's what I have for trade:

    Series 3
    Torch x3
    Footloose x2
    Night Creeper
    Scrap Iron

    Series 5

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    For SALE or TRADE.
    $3.00 each + $3.00 shipping in USA for any number of figures. PayPal only.

    Cobra Trooper (wave 4)
    Snow Serpent (wave 3)
    Cobra Commander (from Battle Platform)
    Mainframe (from Terror Drome)
    General Hawk (from Terror Drome)

    Wave 4
    Nemesis Enforcer x2
    Air Adventurer x2

    Dial Tone
    Ninja-Ku x2
    Bullet Man
    Techno Viper

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