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    Question Zartan

    Just wondering that if when the newer 12", $20 range Joes were in stores (circa 2010?), was there a Zartan release?

    Snagged a Snow Job from T.J. Maxx, should've grabbed a Grunt; sharp figure. What was the line called?

    Not into the $150 Sideshow Z., that's a museum piece, not an action figure.

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    There was only one 12 inch Zartan other than Sideshow that I am aware of:
    Here is the info on the line no real sub category like Valor vs Venom or anything.

    You could always get a nice 12 inch body and customize your own by shopping the 12 inch stores. The head or "portrait" may be trickier to make but you might find a portrait on ebay.
    check out the 1/6 forums and you can find all kinds of places that have accessories like Monkey Depot.
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    Gosh, Zartan looks so CUDDLY!

    Yep, that's the SJ, I have! No line info, I guess you just have to say 12 inch and year when referring to them.

    Thanks, my old friend.

    P.s., nice edit, lol.


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