Japanese PVC model kits


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    Japanese PVC model kits

    This is the best part about collecting, finding new international joe items. I've seen many Japanese items for sale on the web, but I have never seen this item before. Does anyone have any information about it.
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    Nice! It's like a Stikfas figure!

    Any more of them that you know of, or only Snake Eyes?

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    That one is actually a Cobra soldier. When I saw that I looked more into it. Another site had listed a Fang and a HISS tank by Kabaya. But the links were broken.

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    my o my do I want those.
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    ah man those are sweet. i see alot of oddball japanese joe items popping up lately. my latest was a magnet set.
    -Fast Blast Vipers
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    Man, I posted about these about a year ago with very little reply. I was one of a Cobra Commander. It was kool

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    I am offering approx. 50.00 to 120.00 EACH for these PVC Kits, if anyone has some for sale. Also, here is a pic of another one or 2.



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    And Bill, did the magnets come 2 per pack, in a small paper sleeve with Duke on one side, and CC on the other?? If so, I have 2 packs of them. How hard would it be to complete a set of those bad boys..........

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    I have seen the cobra commander one, but not many besides that...
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    Very intresting item, might have to get some of those.


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