Love Life Vs Gijoe updated not what I meant

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    Talking Love Life Vs Gijoe updated not what I meant

    I was just askin u guys how do u deal with toys and lovelife but I made myself look like a heartless basterd I do keep that heart to heart with her. Something I meant was like when I'm doin a custom and she has nothin to do I have to stop what I'm doin right away (sometimes I do) by no means does plastic come before my girl
    Hope I cleared that up. Lol thanks guys
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  3. #2 say yourself that she's a great girl and 'deals with it'. It doesn't sound (due to your work schedule) that you have much 'us' time or time in general to begin with. To be honest, it sounds to me like maybe you need to compromise a little bit?? Working on customs Mon - Thurs or Fri from 9pm - 2am is not very healthy for a relationship, especially if she doesn't see you all day. If she's into the relationship enough to deal with it, and if your really into her, personally I think maybe you should give her a few nights a week instead of working on customs. If your not into her so much, then cut her loose and you won't have to worry about it Making customs is a great hobby that I really get into myself, but remember they're just little pieces of plastic.....

    I've been with my wife (started as girlfriend obviously, then fiance, then finally wife) for 10 years and we have two kids. Trust me, being 'together' or in the same room but working on something joe-wise isn't going to cut it relationship wise because she's only going to see that as your little army men being more important to you than she is. This also comes into play when spending time on the weekends, but going toy hunting....Again man if your really into her, I think you should compromise a little bit and spend some quality time a few nights during the week with her.

    hope it works out!

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    spend more time with her.....

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    i have a wife that hates joes. as mentioned above it is all about compromise. you cant just spend money on them and think they will be happy. I have had a few good arguments about joes, and its not easy. But child support and not seeing my son is alot worse than a few less hours a week dealing with joes.

    Joes are a touchy subject, sounds like your not married, so you will have to evaluate how important she is to you.

    keep in mind that more than likely,as you grow older , your priorities will change and you will spend less time on your joes, this doesnt mean you will like the hobby any less.

    note to any man, treat a women like she is a princess.

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    I have to agree with everyone else. The bottom line is priorities. Ever since I got married and had a child, the Joes have kind of went on the back burner. Mind you, I enjoy working with the Joes, but I also want to have a life with my family. ALSO, it's hard enough finding someone to date, let a lone finding someone who doesn't mind the hobby, in other words, take her out, do stuff with her and spend time with her. When you do, she will give a bit of lee way when you want to work on the collection.

    PS-My wife read this and agrees!!!
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    I urge you to please take some time out with your girl. Customs and joes aside, the fact that she's willing to put up with a hobby like joe collecting is a testiment to how great a girl you have. I'm not saying that you have to shelve the hobby, but for God's sake, make it about her and only her some times. Forget heading to a toy store on saturday; most of the stuff that's released now can easily be found on the internet. Order them online.

    This saturday, wake up early and surprise her by making breakfast for her (I'm assuming that's if you spend the night together). Later in the afternoon, take her to a park. Bring a blanket (if you have a dog, this will work well too) but plan on an outting, out doors to fuel the senses. Also bring a camera and just take pictures of her (digital or film camera but bring a lot of film or memory sticks) and make it all about her. Take just portrait type photos and tell her how beautiful she is and while snapping away, be witty, crack jokes to make her smile, but most important, JUST TALK TO HER.

    And the end of the day, do one of two things; make a home made dinner and stay in with a movie, romantic (I recommend the Thomas Crown Affair; the Pierce Brosnon/Rene Russo version) or go out to her favorite resturant followed by a night of dancing. Either way, you will score like a billion points and after she's finished bragging about you to her girlfriends, she'll have them looking on yojoe for single guys to hook up with.

    You don't have to do it often but you have to do it sometimes.

    I just relayed to you what I did one weekend with a girlfriend I had. Even though we broke up some time ago, she saw a semi complete Defiant on ebay this past February and bought it for me; no reason, just because she knew I wanted one.

    Trust me, it works.
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    I think that every once in a while it is good to just cut off joes altogether. Don't get me wrong, I love joes, but like anything it can become an unhealthy addiction.
    Every so often just pack away the stuff, leave the computer off, and don't do anything joe related. It can be for a day or a few days.
    One, you will be amazed at how much time you have, and two you will make sure to keep your life balanced.

    And don't worry, a couple of days won't kill you.
    She said,
    "Don't you miss the mornings?
    Don't you miss those days?
    Don't you miss me, Baby?
    'Cause I'm fading away."
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    Per my wife (real time), also, if you don't start spending more time with her, involving yourself in her life and her hobbies, she may start looking elsewhere. Find out what she likes for hobbies, for example, my wife collects rare pottery and we go to shows, auctions and antique stores looking for the pottery and we look for Joes at the same time. As an example, my wife was in New Mexico on vacation and found a 12 inch mint Japanese soldier for $20 and he is worth in excess of $450. Per my wife, I taught her about Joes really well. That was because we took an interest in each other and each other's interests.

    Just a word from someone who has been with the same woman for 11 years.
    The only difference between a grave and a rut is the depth.

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    Talking written wrong

    Quote Originally Posted by dirtyroastbeef
    spend more time with her.....
    I spend a lot of time with her she just says that she just wants all my time and forus on her 24 7. I don't have a lot of time to do a lot of stuff I would like. I don't work on my customs everyday by far maybe 3 times a week. I streched the true a little for a laugh but but on the weekends we do the same amount of shoppin (hate all those shoe store). But I deal with it to make her happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GILTYONE
    but on the weekends we do the same amount of shoppin (hate all those shoe store). But I deal with it to make her happy.
    How about you two just forget the day of shopping and spend the day TOGETHER
    What's left when honor's gone?
    Death is the best kick of all, why do you think God saved it for last?


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