What's On Joe Mind Episode 98 Mammoth 3 Hour Episode is online!


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    What's On Joe Mind Episode 98 Mammoth 3 Hour Episode is online!

    The way episodes have been posted lately means that a somewhat larger gap happens between them, which actually has the benefit of giving us more to talk about. For episode 98 we come close to our self imposed three hour limit, but it's tough to say that any of the discussion was extraneous. We talk to good friend of WOJM Bill Ratner about his latest adventures, and he never fails to entertain. There's some great discussion about regional events as well, encompassing lots of real estate from Iowa all the way to Southampton, UK... wherever there's trouble, WOJM is there!

    Of course we also talk about latest rumors of a 6" G.I. Joe line and get back to basics about what G.I. Joe means to us. Lots of stuff crammed into that three hours, hopefully you'll enjoy it.

    Check out the latest episode at Podbean.com, show notes are below.

    Show Notes

    Just in time for the holiday break, we give you #98! In this episode Gary and Noted Author James give you an on-the-spot report at Iowa's Assembly Required show. We also sit down with WOJM SuperGuest Bill Ratner and talk to him about his latest book and other projects he is working on. In the news "One Tank" Mike reports on what happened at Roll Out Roll Call in Southampton UK. We also discuss the unfortunate news of a former guest and community contributor passing. In the mailbag we got two very good letters, one razzing Chuck (YAY!) and the other sparking a lively debate on the wildly speculated (yet no actual facts thereof) a 6" Joe line. Lastly, as JoeCon nears, WOJM and veteran newsman Ted Baxter get you ready for Springfield by giving you facts about the town in an all new segment we hope you like. Hope you all enjoy! Happy Holidays from all of us! Stay safe!

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    Great episode guys. I think you nailed it on the head when you said the Dreamworks pretend deal was a faint to bring Hasbro closer to Disney.

    However, the hypothesis I'm entertaining is not so much a desire to being bought by Disney as much as Hasbro wanting to pressure Disney to help them market their home toys with either or both cartoons and movies. Either they want Disney's cartoon guys to handle My Little Pony, Transformers and (hopefully) GI Joe. Or they want the next major films from TF and Joe to come out of Disney Studios and ditch Paramount. Or both.

    From Hasbro's point of view it would be a win-win situation.

    Disney is probably hesitant to absorb the Transformers Universe before Star Wars comes out. And Disney is probably not enthusiastic about producing GI Joe.


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