Hall Of Fame 12" Question


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    Hall Of Fame 12" Question

    Hi. I was checking out the 'Command Files' (filecard info?) of the 1994 HOF figure releases. I noticed that the card for Major Bludd is labeled with a #5, and the Snake-Eyes card is labeled as #6. Can someone tell me what the numbers signify? Am I wrong to deduce that there were figures #1 through #4 planned for release around that time?


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    More than likely, 1 - 4 were just considered to be the other figures shown on the back of the package: Combat Camo Duke, Combat Camo Roadblock, Flint, and Rock & Roll.

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    Hi Phillip. Yes, that would seem to be the most likely explanation for the inclusion of numbers here. I guess the only way we'd know for sure would be if someone were to find a command file for one of the other four figures featured on the packaging that is numbered in a similar fashion, i.e, #1 thru #4.

    A twenty year old puzzle waiting to be solved.


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