Slaughters Marauders Mauler

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    Slaughters Marauders Mauler

    Base equalizer
    Turret mauler
    Cannon lynx
    Antenna cast by hot dogs stuff
    Mudflaps avacs lab
    Tow rope and canisters mauler

    The mauler parts are just stand ins until I can get casts. The painting on the turret was done by my good friend Tim. I hate painting but I thought it was too cool an idea to pass up so I commissioned him for it.

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    Thats a very nice custom, fits right in with the other Marauder stuff. I have considered doing something like that myself but never got around to it. I do have a paintshopped prototype I did of Heavy Metal that might give you some ideas for a driver for this vehicle.

    I colored his jacket like it was a sleeveless vest so the blue would'nt cover his entire upper body and be too overpowering.
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    Very cool custom and that Heavy Metal figure is just perfect for it (Net-Viper X, when do we see more cool stuff from you?? )
    Best Regards

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    Man that's nice, something else I need to have LOL . I keep thinking they need some kind of air support or water craft - but your idea is definitely kick @$$. The best thing about your custom is that its so simple to do & I've never seen one done before by anybody !

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    Hey Damon long time no see! Thanks for the kind words. I too thought about air support however I think the sub team was more designed around armor. I'll just have sky patrol make sure the skies are friendly :-)

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    Hey man, hows things in life treating ya' ? hope all is well. someone will post a picture of there Marauders mauler & said they did it like 7 years ago, I shouldn't have said "by anybody" but its the first one I've ever seen done. speaking of Air Support, for the life of me I cannot figure out we don't have a SKY PATROL X-30 CONQUEST BY NOW from the joeclub ? how cool would that be, and again I would think it could be so easily done ? well maybe not the chrome plating process, but that somebody could say Hasbro we wane make this for the next joecon !

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    Is this for sale? Please email me at: [email protected].

    I have both an Equalizer and a Lynx and I also thought of doing this, but didn't want to break anything or destroy both tanks in the process...hence, I'd love to buy yours.

    Can you please give instructions (with some photos) on how you did the swap?

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    The Lynx turret won't fit directly onto the Equalizer hull? That way you don't have to paint a Mauler turret.

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    Not for sale. Thanks for the interest though. As far as making your own its pretty basic. You just have to be carefull with the tabs that hold the turret together. The lynx turret is not the same as the mauler turret. I believe the i of the home is much smaller.


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