FS/FT 50+Toys! TFs/GI Joe/WWE/Marvel/DC/Minimates/Funko/NECA/Hot Wheels/Comics+more!


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    FS/FT 50+Toys! TFs/GI Joe/WWE/Marvel/DC/Minimates/Funko/NECA/Hot Wheels/Comics+more!

    ------------------------Have over 100 Toys For Trade!!!--------------------------

    [color=#FF0000]Click my toy trades photo album link here with over 44 Photos of my over 100+ toys I have>>>. If u have problems viewing my photos, please let me know so i can fix it!!! I'm not sure why some people can view it and some can't? >>>
    The fastest way to contact me is mentos888 "at" gmail.com. FREE Bonus Mystery Toy on Every Trade!! FREE!. Over 70+ unique excellent feedback! *Updated January 24th, 2015.* I’m rebuilding my small collection after my old 90's figures were stolen last year from my storage unit.

    ------------------------------ACTION FIGURE WANTS!--------------------------

    >>Even if you don't have any of my wants, you can still send me a list or pictures of what u have because my wants list can go on forever!!! In General, I like to collect ANY Brand, any highly-detailed, and super poseable action figures.
    - Favorite characters: Wolverine, Deadpool, Gambit, Deathstroke, Ghost Rider, Batman, Superman.
    - Video game figures like Dead Space, Mass Effect, Resident Evil, Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden, God of War, Gordon Freeman Half-Life, Bioshock, Portal, and more.
    - Most MOTUC Masters of the Universe Classics figures like Draego-Man, Trap Jaw, Mantenna, Two Bad, Modulok, Spikor, Light Hope, Tung Lashor, Ninjor Warrior, Mermista, Madame Razz & Broom, Rattlor, Gygor, Castle Grayskullman, Webstor, Man-at-Arms, Shadow Beast, Extendar, Rio Blast, etc. Most of the rarer MOTUC vs. DC 2 packs.
    - Sigma 6 GI Joe: Jungle Recondo and several other rare ones.
    - Hellboy Characters (All of them): Hellboy, Officer Kroenen, Abe, Large Mr. Wink, Gorilla, Sammael, comic/movie versions, etc.
    - Arkham figures like Scarecrow, poison ivy or nurse harley quinn, etc.
    - DC Figures like DCUC Lobo, Blue Batman from Batman and Son, Mr. Freeze, Blackest Night Nekron, Hush Huntress, DCUC Clayface, DC Classics Lex Luthor in Green Armor, Black Mask, DC Direct Terry Dodson Wonder Woman, etc. Massive Deluxe Figures, too. also one-sixth 1:6 scale 13 inch DC Direct Figures.
    - Total Heroes Ultra Cyborg and Batman Beyond.
    - Most Marvel Legends 6 inch: Any Rare infinite legends like Thanos Imperative Set, Warpath, Face-Off Hulk, Blue and Yellow Deadpool, Toybiz Legends Deadpool w/Doop, Juggernaut, and 90's Jim Lee Cyclops. Thunderbolts 5 pack, Spider-man Fearsome Foes and Sinister Six box sets, etc. Planet Hulk, War Hulk, and 2 pack Toys R Us Hulk.
    - Build-a-Figure/CNC figures like Apocalypse, Sentinels, Stel, The Blob, Ares, Nekron, Fin Fang Foom, Red Hulk, and Pitt, etc.
    - NECA Player Select Video Game figures, Jaeger Crimson Typhoon, T2/Terminator Cyberdyne Showdown, or Endoskeletons, Bioshock Infinite Motorized Patriot, Water Emergence or similar mid-cloaked predators, KO/Knock Off Ninja Turtles Set, Red Xenomorph Warrior, etc.
    - Mezco Thundercats/others, SOTA Street Fighter like M. Bison, Zangief, Vega, T-Hawk, blanka, Sagat, dhalsim, Chun-Li, etc.
    - weird insect figures, cyborg figures, the weirder and more unique the better, like Shocker Toys The Tick! and SCUD the Disposable Assassin.
    - 6 inch Star Wars Black Series Rare figures. Also, McQuarrie, crazy siths and villains, etc. like darth talon, darth Nihl
    - Big Aliens/Brutes/Arbiter/Didact/Beasts from Halo.
    - Transformers: Landmine and Triple Changers, Blackout Voyager Movie Helicopter, especially military or police/emergency response/exotic cars. AOExtinction Voyager Hound Truck. Predacons, Constructicons, Dinobots, Insecticons, etc.
    - Iron Man figures (e.g. camouflage Omega or Camo Recon War Machine), White armors
    - GI Joes from 2010 to the Present (e.g. JoeCon, Joe Club subscription figures, renegades, resolute , pursuit of cobra, rise of cobra, 30th, and retaliation). I don't collect 25th anniversary and older figures. Jungle Recondo, #1101 Ninja Commando Snake Eyes V54, 30th Lifeline, 30th Law and Order, Vipers: Zombie, Hazard, Data, and more.
    - Most Play Arts Kai figures like Raiden or snake from Metal Gear Solid, Dante from Devil May Cry, Kratos God of War, Lara Croft, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Deus Ex, batman, asylum Joker, Nurse Harley Quinn PAK, cyborg ninja, bayonetta, resident evil, DC Superheroes, and more.
    - Import figures like Figma Link, Revoltech Vash or Movie Optimus Prime, D-Arts Megaman, D-Arts God Eater Alisa, and Trigun (Gazelle the Peacemaker, Monev the Gale), Revoltech Zone of the Enders, Gungrave, or other crazy-looking imports, etc. Figma, Figuarts, kaiyodo, Bandai, and other popular import brands.
    - Marvel Icons Ghost Rider w/Bike and Marvel Legends Mecha Hulk. 12" Marvel Studios Punisher and Blade figures.
    - Kotobukiya Superman and Batman New 52 "DC Comics" ArtFX + Statue
    - Anime and Japanese figures, especially sexy gals.
    - Modern TMNT Classics Rocksteady and BeBop.
    - Four Horsemen Studio figures such as gothitropolis, scarabus, 7th kingdom, outer spacemen, Glyos figures, etc.
    - Building Construction Sets like Lego, Kre-O, or Mega Bloks (especially pop culture sets like Star Wars, Halo, Transformers, Marvel and DC Superheroes, etc.)
    - Deadpool Taco Truck and other Comic-Con Exclusives SDCC, NYCC, etc.
    - winged action figures, especially poseable wings with articulation.
    - Sideshow, Hot Toys, Statues, and more high end stuff if you're feeling generous for example, things like Kotobukiya bishoujo poison ivy statue, poison ivy bombshells dc statue. Sideshow snake eyes figure, sideshow joker and harley quinn premium figures.
    - I just made my 3rd custom figure, so i'm looking for Figures especially Voluptuous Females, Parts, fodder, weapons, and accessories for customizing more of my own action figures. Looking for tentacles, heads, holsters, spacesuits, clothing, helmets, armor, robotic parts, weapons, and a lot more cool stuff.

    -------------------------------DIECAST CAR WANTS!------------------------------

    >> I want to BUY a TON of dollar mainline movie/tv/pop culture-related cars on good cards for about $1-2 each, which includes shipping . Have over 70+ excellent feedback at the links below and paypal ready.
    >>>> In order from high to low priority, I want multiples of various sealed, rare movie/tv cars that are in demand like many Scooby Doo Mystery Machine Vans,Many older movie/tv cars not made anymore like “The Bat” dark knight flying ships, Back to the Future time machine Deloreans, Ecto-1's, KITT Knight Riders, Dukes of Hazard General Lees, Speed Racers, and many Blue Batcycles with Batman Rider, and many fast n the furious cars like 1970 black dodge charger R/T, skylines, etc. etc. Could also use Only a FEW of these lower priority hot wheels: snoopies, homers, herbies, mars rovers, 89 batmobiles, USS Enterprises, A-Team Vans, USS Vengeance Ships, Jetsons, Flintstones, 1966 TV Batmobiles, etc.
    - A few Regular Treasure Hunts 2011-Present that are real-world cars like ferrari scuderia, ford gt LM, datsun 240z, gold and red buick riviera, and more.
    - any premium cars u want to get rid of at $1-2 dollars each.
    - a few zamacs that are real-world cars.
    - Also looking for premium hot wheels like these. DC Comics Nostalgia cars with rubber tires. Sealed
    - Rare DC Comics universe hot wheels with Yellow Cards Sealed.
    - Sealed dc comics character vehicles from the 2004 Versus two packs.
    - Sealed Pop Culture, DC Comics Superheroes and Villains, Cartoons, Nostalgia, movie/tv, Any Premium Cars w/Real Rider Tires like Atari Set, Hanna Barbara, DC, He-Man/Masters of the Universe, Off-Road Series, etc.

    Favorite Diecast Models. Lower priority than movie cars listed above:
    Modern and Classic Nissan Skylines, Zamac Skylines, Mclarens, Bugatti, Corvette c6r, Datsun 510 bluebirds, '55 GMC Panel, Cool-One, 41 willys dragster, Dodge Challengers, '71 Maverick Grabber, Morris Mini Cooper, Ford GT LM, ferrari 599xx, Ferrari 333 SP, Big Rig Diesel Trucks like Custom Convoy, military vehicles, Pro Racing Cars w/Decals, Sandblaster, Boss 302 Mustang, Evil Twin, Zotic, Mustang Fastback, Cloak and Dagger, and any kind of airflows. Funline Tuner import cars or similar models. Also like cars with special features, like opening hoods, car body, doors, trunks, moving parts, etc.

    Completed Trades:
    - S.H. Figuarts Bandai Normal Vegeta w/black hair and blue outfit (near mint/opened/complete) - Gone

    Yada Yada the Fine Print:
    I always verify your online feedback (e.g. ebay, toy trading sites), and you can verify mine. I'm open to offers. I take a picture of every deal so you know exactly what you're getting! Even though I research the values on toys i am still flexible. Since this tradelist is posted on many websites, im only taking the best offers.

    My WANTS List can go on forever, so let me know what u have even if its not on my wishlist!

    BAD TRADER Warning!!!>>>Steve Norman from Tiffin, Ohio. [email protected]
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