Kindle Worlds Author Panel at JoeCon

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    Kindle Worlds Author Panel at JoeCon

    I just wanted to call everyone's attention to the G.I. Joe Kindle Worlds Author Panel at JoeCon. This will be from 2:00-2:50 on Saturday, April 11th and will feature Bill Nedrow (G.I. Joe: First Salvo and G.I. Joe: Honor), Justin Bell (The Price of Peace: Snake Bite, The Price of Peace: Counter Strike, and The Price of Peace: Final Conflict), and Troy Osgood (G.I. Joe: The First Strike and G.I. Joe: Brainstorm). The panel will be held in the PCCCC Lower Level. I invite everyone who plans to attend JoeCon to stop by and hear the exciting things that are happening with G.I. Joe and Kindle Worlds.
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    I've been told that no characters from my first novel, G.I. Joe: First Salvo, will be eligible for the contest. However, my latest novel, G.I. Joe: Body Count, features two new great characters and more importantly a great story.

    More importantly, it was just released and is available right now on Amazon. I know that this pales in comparison to all of the SDCC news, but go pick it up. It'll give you something to read during F5 week.

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    The contest that was announced at JoeCon is now live. Please go vote for Stiletto.


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